Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2009 Asia's Top Ten Pretty Males Chart

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2009’s Asia’s top ten pretty males chart, has already found out everyone’s heartthrob with a months voting. The results of the top three are Shim Changmin, Lee MinHo and Kim Jaejoong.

The rest include (in order) Kim HyunJoong, Jerry Yan, Yamashita Tomohisa, Vic Chous, HanGeng, Wuzun, Jung Yunho and Choi Siwon. It includes three members from popular Korean group TVXQ, with the youngest Shim Changmin winning with his vocals, dancing pose, eye expression, and body etc. Hero Kim Jaejoong won 3rd place, and leader Jung Yunho was within the top 10. Jerry Yan lost his place [T/N he was in the top 3 last time], and instead it was taken by popular Lee Minho from Boys Over Flowers. The other male lead Kim Hyun Joong was placed fourth, showing that F4 still lives in everyone’s heart.



[I know this is not about Hyunjoong or Hwang Buin but I LOVE CHANGMIN VERY MUCH T_T] Bear with me hahaha~

This is the video that made me really, really love him.

That's on National TV.. About someone else's wife... TwT
I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.

I'm not a bad girl either Changmin!!! hehe~


Most of the time other members would reply to the fans sweetly.. but not Changmin.

Fan : Don’t you wanna marry me oppa? keke~ Then sign the marriage certificate!
Changmin: I want to do neither. haha!

Fan : If you don't reply this time your voice will crack today!^^
Yoochun: Replied^^
Junsu: If my voice cracks I'm going to think of you first.
Jaejoong: My voice will probably crack.
Yunho: Memories of the f-concert comes up.
Changmin: Do you want to die? ^^

Fan: What are oppas doing?
Changmin: I told you to study, why are you still here? You want to die? Study!

Fan : Oppa, how was oppa born???? How are babies born????
Changmin: Go learn at the beautiful children program called sex education, organized by the lady.
Fan : Please teach me I want to hear it from oppa.
Changmin: Be quiet!!!!

Fan: Yah~ I got a confession from Changmin oppa T_T, thank you, I didn’t know oppa loves me! TT
Changmin: I’m sorry;; I think you are drunk.

Fan : I’m not going to be a fan anymore, it’s oppas’ fault for not replying….. From now on I’m going to be a stalker!
Changmin: I’ll say this in a nice way, come back to being a fan.
Fan : If oppa teaches me how to dance I’ll think about it.
Changmin: Just be a stalker.
Fan : Ok I’ll be a stalker. Look behind you.
Changmin: A refrigerator is behind me.
Fan : Liar, I’m there.
Changmin: Are you the refrigerator or Junsu hyung?

Fan : Who does oppa belong to??? ME~~~
ChangMin : No way

Fan : Oppa I want to be your bed in your room for just a day
ChangMin : No way

Fan : Yunho oppa! If you don't reply you have to marry me.
Changmin: I saved Yunho hyung's life.


Anonymous said...


Am happy for HJL but I think the prettiest is Heechul of SJ ^^;

Anonymous said...

That video was so adorable I think I'm falling for changmin too :x

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; haluuu~~~ oh yes he is indeed the prettiest. Heechul is like crazy pretty. Pretty girl pretty o.o

anonymous; he's mine!!! T___T

Anonymous said...

Having wandered accidentally into the Korean drama world and gotten seduced by WGM/Joongbo, I've been slowly learning about fandom Korean style. Frankly, it seems a little weird and aggressive. To the purely Western mentality the whole possessive tone, and especially the "antis" seems kind of mean and a bit unhinged. Good on Changmin for pushing back with such self confident humor. His answers really made me laugh!

Susan said...

Changmin is real cute (:

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for KHJL... all for the best, btw.. i watched the video. Changmin, he's really funny and cute.. i really laugh a lot while watching it especially the last part that he said :)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; that's so true.. some are very aggressive. ^^; and i found quite interesting is when i was watching 2ne1tv, and sandara was in the philippines?

she passed by a bunch of fans and they were just like "hi, sandara". i thought it was so cool and friendly of them. they're not scaring sandara with her presence but they're not ignoring her either.

anyways, changmin is the one that replies most to the fans also ^^ but of course it's not as sweet as the other members lol. Mostly its of him scolding the fans and making them study. :)

susan; oh yes~~~ ^w^

anonymous; i had goosebumps when i first watched it. coz you can actually see how purely he loves han gain T_T im so jealous..