Sunday, October 25, 2009

[Fancams] SS501 Performsances At Incheon Global Fair Festival

Green Peas

Love Like This

Only One Day


Anonymous said...

Somebody posted here the other day that they didn't know how fans were distinguishing the members voices on the new song release. I was having the same trouble...but these fancams are a great opportunity to learn them. These fan cams are unusually clear sound and visuals on each individual member (which they almost never are!)... great study opportunity...thanks for putting them up!

tahrehsi said...

On the GREEN PEAS one~~~ Hubby kind of FORGOT his LINES! But he played it off with a TO DIE FOR SMILE

RiaJoy18 said...

Thanks for sharing... I enjoyed it a lot!!! Its good to see Hyung Joong's smiling face again and looking fully recovered. ^_^
Nice going guys!!! Fighting!!!
SS501 RULES!!!