Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Warner Music Philippines To Release A Super Hits SS501 Album

credit: + ss601


Warner Music Philippines will release SS501 Albums (CDs+DVDs), namely
SUPER HITS, Deja Vu & Find this October. According to them, they have
recently found out about the boys' market in the Philippines and that
they'll release the cds to address the growing demands of SS501 fans in
the Philippines.

* Schedule of release will be announced soon.
* Also, there are news from some sources that SS501 "MIGHT" come to the
Philippines anytime between December and January 2010.

I'm so late on the news and I just found from a good friend of mine a week ago (a big Joongboer like me), she's from the Philippines and they got hit by 3 storms last week.

My university just had a food and clothing drive and I really hope it would get there as soon as possible. I am always praying for everyone, and I do wish everyone will continue to live on even after a calamity like this.

There's always a rainbow after the rain... God will make a way.


RiaJoy18 said...

I'm so happy that they will be releasing their album here in the Philippines soon... And I can't wait for them to come here and see them in person...Ohhh, this is so exciting!!! What a wonderful news to the max!!!!!

SS501 RULES!!!!!! ^_^

ruthie said...

I can't wait for the release of the album and the possibility that they'll come here in the Philippines next year! YESSSS!

Saranghae, SS501!!!!

hyunnie13 said...

yey!! ahahha i already saw this in soompi.. and im hoping that they will come here in the phils... i wish it would be soon.. aheheh

to the world! :D

elisa c. said...

I've been so busy with work that I haven't been able to do much ss501 updating. So happy to know that a record company has finally caught on to the ss501 craze here in the Phils!!! CANNOT WAIT!