Monday, October 19, 2009

NEW! SS501 - Love Like This

Who doesn't love an rnb/dance track with heart wrenching lyrics?

Why? Don't you know?
You don't know me..
Take my heart that only yearns for you
I don't need anything else,
I just want your love.

I would totally love hearing a pure rnb or acoustic version of this *w*~~
Agree or Disagree?


Singwee said...

AHh~ Love the catchy rhythmn! keke. But sadly, most of the vocals are focused on HJB and JM,YS,KY are all accompaniment): [i dont hear hyunjoong's voice anywhere D:]

Ssangchu Heaven said...

*relying on my ears* Jungmin and him are singing on the second verse ^^ (First two lines on Jungmin and then Hyunjoong)

Hyunjoong's beginning in the second verse is a little bit digitalized so it's higher than his normal voice. :)

correct me if im wrong though hehehe

Anonymous said...

Agree, I love acoustics! HJB sounds fantastic here :DDD

MarieKim said...

Hyun Joong sings on the 2nd verse, 2nd part after Jung Min. :)

Love this song!

Anonymous said... do you even tell who is singing what part?? i don't listen to SS501 so i guess i can't tell their voices apart :X

Anonymous said...

Absolutely I love it!!!!!!!

Good song!!


Chelsea said...

I LOVE IT (: they sound awesome!!!!

Always Happy =D said...

Hey anyone from Singapore here ?? How come the special edition album so ex ... $41++ wats so special ?? is there any poster or wat ??

Chelsea said...

hey Always Happy =D, the special edition includes a 100page photobook and poster. Where's selling at SGD 41++? I've looked at some websites, yesasia will be about SGD 43 not including shipping. I'm considering ordering from, it's about SGD 35 inclusive of the poster and shipping charges. (:

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; yeeeaaah! Hyunjoon really became uber manly hehe~

mariekim; me too *w*!!

anonymous; i listen to them a lot and when you watch variety shows with them you'll really know who's who ^^

anonymous; agree!!

chelsea; im really surprised with how awesome this album is.. most of their albums i have 3~4 that i will play all day but on this one i love everything!!

always happy; hmm im not in singapore but i got mine at $25, i never get it online though, shipping costs so much o.o

chelsea; i really don't know where to get if it's in other countries... ordering online is so scary for me hehe

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Would it be cheaper if I got mine from singapore? o.o??

Singwee said...

Wahh, im going crazy forwarding and rewinding to differentiate their voices, esp Kyujong and Hyunjoong...!

Chelsea said...

Try going to I think they have the lyrics (: haha. Ssangchu Heaven you bought at USD 25 is it? Are you in korea? (: heheh actually I've never bought online before! Worried about getting cheated and stuff.. but I so so wanna get my hands on this one! Esp with the photobook...

Ssangchu Heaven said...

singwee; i had a problem with them before too xDD but after you listed tot heir songs a few times, you'll definitely know hyunjoong breathes more when he sings.. does that make sense? xDDD

chelsea; nuuu im not, but I did order from a store. They go to Seoul for their shop once every two months and I asked them if they can get it for me. hehe~

Ssangchu Heaven said...

What's with me and my weird typing? sorry for the weird words xDDD