Friday, October 30, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong Tony Moly CF

aigoo..... this boy!

but completely not related to this mv, is anyone watching you're beautiful also?
anyone catch the star sequence? T_T

i was crying on that part.. i miss joongbo...


Chewy said...

Yeah! Me too. I am waiting for the show "You're beautiful" every week. My latest favourite show!! They look so much like Joongbo rite??? Minam is keeping her feelings for Tae Kung, just watching him by his side. Is Buin too??? =)

=p said...

That show is rather sweet and fun.

It really does make me miss Joongbo loads.

Anonymous said...

yessss! i was thinking abt joongbo at that point of time as well. since HJ being the star of buin and all.

GaGa said...

ok, now, everyone is talking about You're beautiful, I'm curious, I will check it out!!! Especially you girls said it's related to Joongbo!!!

The last drama I watched non-stop is the Taiwanese drama "My Queen", cuz I strongly feel Joongbo there as well, I even doubted if the PD wrote the script based on Joongbo. It's about Noona Dongseng coupling, even the supporting actor's name is "Yunho"!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm currently in LOVE with You're beautiful!! Jang geun seok is a hottie :) but leader is always so wonderful!! <3

LvKprogram said...

I am also BIG fan of You're Beautiful. I love all the cast. Even UEE.
Mi-nyeo and Shim-woo are good together. I hope nice guy (Shim-woo) wins the girl (Mi-nyeo) in the end. :)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

chewy; i think for me.. everything reminds me of joongbo xDD but on episode 7, the star scene was just too close!!!!

=p; i think it's more fun than iris... i love the quirkiness of it all hehehe~ it's not overly cheesy, but still have the sweet scenes i love!!~

anonymous; i know *w*~~~ tae kyung is also the star, and mi nyeo is the moon ayeee~~~

gaga; you should!! DEFINITELY!! I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! i love how it parodies every drama cliche lol

and the cast.. BEAUTIFUL~~~

anonymous; he is.. i love his lips *w*~~ but shin woo.. shin woo is breaking my heart in every scene, i always fall for the good guys that get hurt ^^;;;

lvkprogram; i actually like how uee is portraying that bitch character lol!!! my sisters ahte her though xDDD

omg, where do i start with shin woo? that scene when he asked her to turn around BROKE MY HEART TO 1 BILLION PIECES. i literally had to stop from watching for 10 minutes because i was walking around the house thinking "omg why can't you see him standing right infront of youuuuuu GO MINAM!!!!?"

i felt my heart constricting and it was so painful for me to watch him so look so sad T_T

Anonymous said...

haha sh, u are so right in there about shinwoo. i do feel bad for him too. remember how the music suddenly stops when minam turned her back and ran in a hurry to meet tk? it felt like my heart stopped beating for a moment, haha. - charmed

ps what is up with hwangbo these days? seemed there is no news about her lately. i was hoping before that she and hj would get to meet in a music program. but because ss501 album launched somewhat got delayed, i do think it is unlikely to happen noh?

tetsu8no8niji said...

i've heard a lot of good things about "You're Beautiful" but never watched. what happened that reminded everyone of the joongbo star scene? i want to know, too~

GaGa said...

Hi Ssangchu heaven,
you know what? I finished all 8 episodes last night (it's lucky it's Friday), it's really good as everyone said!! I think I finished it too fast, now, I have to crave every week! Thanks for the Angels' Chinese Sub team, the Chinese sub release much faster than the English.
Yep, some scenes reminded me of Joongbo, just that the leading Actress role is too innocent/ weak compare to My Beautiful Strong Competitive Precious Hye Jung.

GaGa said...

About shin woo, yep, I like him better than TK, He's almost like Rui in Boys over Flowers. Gentle, considering, caring, but hesitate in the beginning and somewhat regret he didn't step up earlier.
FYI, MiNam's name means "Beautiful Man", and MiNyeo's name means "Beautiful Woman", such a strange name for this Brother/ Sister name, hahaha!!

Anonymous said...

they should have gotten HB for the lady's part, since they made her look like HB. the symmetrical dress, the hair!

and HB would look better with him, not towering him like this model did.

Nanzy said...

He's so gorgeous *faints* but anyone else thinks the girl looks a bit like Shinae (WGM Alex-Shinae)?


cati_21 said...

now i want to watch you are beautiful hahaha its because its highly recommended by 2 great joongboers! :)