Friday, October 30, 2009

Star & Moon Scene - You're Beautiful Episode 7

on my last post i mentioned about the star scene on you're beautiful~~
[if you're not watching this drama, i highly recommend you do!~ hehehe]

..and tetsu8no8niji~~ this is the star part ^w^~~~~
sorry if the translations are so rough lol

mi nyeo: oh~~ so pretty! the stars are so bright tonight!
taekyung: i can barely see you. do you think i can see the stars? (he can't see in the dark)
mi nyeo: then, can you see the moon?
tae kyung: yeah.
mi nyeo: then the only star you see is the moon?
taekyung: the moon is not a star!
mi nyeo: even if it's the brightest?
taekyung: it just reflects light from the sun, unlike other stars.
mi nyeo: but the moon is also useful... rather than just shining on an already bright day, it gives light on a dark night. isn't that useful?
taekyung: go minam... the already bright day is because of the "just shining" sun.
mi nyeo: oh~ so that's it.. *hits her head* it's like i'm the moon that just depends on you, who's like the sun.
tae kyung: ...but the moon is not useless. even if there are many stars i see in the night, all i see is the moon.

....and insert my heart stopping. xDDD


Chewy said...

SH, I'm also chasing after this drama every week. Recommended by allseoulout. So nice! Reminds me of our Joongbo... (^@^) A pity the rating in korea not so gd.

starzz24 said...

i loved it! i have absolutely no idea why this show's rating is crap. there's no reason to it at all. just because Iris has more $$$ spent on advertising? no offence to that show since i havent seen it but seriously, YB deserves more than this.

i like the bit when TK turns around cos of Uee arriving and then he sees for a split second, MiNam crying. that was so awwwwww T.T

starzz24 said...

sorry to keep spamming ur comment box, but can i just add, i love their OST too ^^
the whole cast can sing! how amazing is that. i hope A.N JELL do debut heh xD

Anonymous said...

This has to do with You're beautiful, but not the star scene... you know the vest taht hong ki wears at the end of ep 7 and beginning of ep 8?? isn't that the one leader wears for the le coq sports winter shoot?? or am i wrong?? :)

hanami said...

OMG !!! I totally love You're Beautiful !!!!! The talk about star and moon really reminds me of JoongBo ! I also love the ost without words !!! Can I request if you can post the korean lyrics of without words ??? really want to sing along with it ...
JoongBo fighting !!!
KoMiNam and Hwang Tae Gyung Fighting !!!!

hailey said...

I simply heart the moon and star scene! and in episode 8 when TK was crying, and MN ask the Sister what should she do when her star is crying... awwwwwwww... I felt like crying myself!

Twee said...

Wakaka~I am totally addicted to this drama too!!But I love Shin Woo rather than TK..haha
Shin Woo is soooo gentle and he is like JiHoo in Boys over Flowers~~~~

grasya said...

I love Hongki in this drama! He is so funny!

tetsu8no8niji said...

oh, thank you for showing me the clip and giving the translation! *embarrassed to be mentioned by name on SH* @_@
it really is a beautifully sweet scene. <3 now i can see why everyone thinks of joongbo. ^^ and why everyone loves this drama. i will have to check this one out. thanks again! ;D

jackie said...

I love this new series! I started watching because of your posts! It's awesome!!! Love Jemma and Tae Kyung <3

=P said...

Watched this weeks episodes of "You're Beautiful."

Had to share with someone.

Sweet, wasn't it?

I have not looked forward to any dramas since watching WGM. Everything seemed so contrived and mediocre.

But "You're Beautiful" the dialogue and chemistry is SO great.

And I know that not everything goes back to Joongbo...but Go Mi Nam and Tae Kyung sure makes me nostalgic.

Love it.

Chewy said...

=P, I understand wat u mean. I had this feeling and I actually wanna post it down here but I had second thots.

Hee hee... Suddenly I realise that I am a Joongbo fan. I have been coming to this blog every night cos of wanting to know more updates about Joongbo. But i'm craving more of YOB drama then thinking of having Joongbo news now.

Think we are loving so much of YOB is cos it relates us back to our Joongbo. I miss Joongbo!!

Joongbo forever rocks!!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

chewy; the rating is okay but it has a big fanbase ^^

the mania fans ahehehe~

starrz; everyone is actually praising you're beautiful and saying how it has a better storyline than iris xDDD

OMG I LOVE THE OSTTTT!!!!!!! i ahve it on replay lol all day all night

anonymous; oh i didn;t catch that o.o~~ let em watch again hehe~

hanami; herroo!!!! without words is so beautiful T__T both versions are so nice!! i'll give you the lyrics!~

hailey; have you watched the 10th episode?? they talked about "not seeing" the star again and omg it's so wonderful and touching and omg im going crazy!!!

twee; truthfully, i can't pick between three of them.. they give different types of love you know? xDD

grasya; i lvoe hongki on every show he's in lol! but his jeremy is too adorable !!!

tetsu; no problem!! and you totally should watch it xDD~~~

jackie; oh you did?! awesome o.o~~~
i love all pairings.. the three guys are so loveable..

=p; i actually just watched the last two episodes, and OMGGGGGGG!! i lvoe the jealousy-- the choosing-- everything. it was so intense and omg the last shinwoo part!!!

am i making sense in all my replies today? i feel like im just spazzing lol!

chewy; i think whenever i see somethign sweet, it reminds me of joongbo right away.. so i don;t blame you, i feel the same way ^^

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