Monday, October 5, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong BOF Bloopers!!!!

*tired* I went to school at 8 am, and just arrived home at 6 pm... o.o;;

BUT HJ made my day haha! MUST WATCH!!!


huifen said...

the apple thing is so funnie! :D

Sunshinecrush said...

LOL. He is damn cute <3

Anonymous said...

subtittle for family outing ep.65 already out!!

Anonymous said...

oh my it's out!! have been waiting for it (:
and ssangchu heaven, thank you for putting this up (not just this vid actually, for running this blog in general), made my day too! Was in school for just as long today): i love visiting your blog,such little things and news about hyunjoongie/hwangbo/ss501 really cheers me up :D
thank you again and keep up the good work!
p.s. don't neglect calculus though. hahaha(:

Anonymous said...

i accidentally found this clip.
HJ was talking about WGM ...can u pls tell us what he said? just a short message.



Anonymous said...

just to update u..
NODAJi is in danger or being stop filming cause by low rating. poor buin~~
pray for her success!
buin fighting!!

", said...

hey i think it would be over the top if hyun joong would come to the buin,shillanggg