Saturday, October 24, 2009

SS501 Performs Love Like This On Music Core

After a long wait.... the 5 men of SS501 returns!!!

I love the choreography, and I think their performance will be intensified in the next few lives ;)~~~

[But since I love fashion and all, I really want their hair to be simple and manly, no ajumma hair for Hyunjoon definitely.

Great suits will look great in this don't you think? I always thought that when idols wear suits (well the men of course), they kinda shed away that "idol" image, manlier and gives them more charisma hehehe~]

and btw, is it just me or do you guys also love the chorus' kinda "Gee" dance step in one place thing? xDDD


Anonymous said...

truthfully speaking, i didnt like the choreography at all. nevertheless they are still amazing. keep supporting them! ^^

Ssangchu Heaven said...

you didn`t? i thought that style would fit the song more, and before im not much into the fast chorus part but now i like it bcoz of the choreo xD

Kimmie said...

I know this is a Ssangchu blogspot...but I'm starting to really really really like Jungmin....I like him better than Kim Hyunjoong...

Anonymous said...

i love the dancing at 1:55-1:57 hyunjoong is AMAZING then!! :P
and youngsaeng is super cute from 2:04-2:07!!!!(it is youngsaeng right)
haha i don't really know the ss501 members very well so sometimes i get them mixed up! :X
could anyone please tell me who is the one singing the start of the song? :)

Chelsea said...

hahaha i so agree about hyungjoon's hair!!! but it's cute at times (:

Ssangchu Heaven said...

limmie; well i can't blame you coz jungmin is mr. charisma xDD

anonymous; you're right about hyunjoong & youngsaeng! from the beginning it was hyunjoon, then jungmin and then kyujong :)

chelsea; hehehe~ but i like his hair in like a mohawk shape xD