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Joongbo Episode 12 Quotes

Episode 12 Quotes

They found out that their mission is to have a vacation with another couple.

HB: Why are they coming anyway?
HJ: I feel uncomfortable with strangers..
HB: Really?
HJ: Yeah..
HB: For me I feel uncomfortable when we're alone!

HJ: It's weird when there are other people.
HB: Then is it better to just stay with me?
HJ: That's right!... Just imagine having another person like Buin.. *laughs*

Hyunjoong told Hwangbo that he got to watch her on TV while in Japan.

HJ: You looked very peaceful.
HB: *laughs* That's not it..
HJ: You told me that you were so lonely but when I saw you you were so happy and laughing so much!
HB: *laughs* You didn't feel it? Then you still don't know me. While I was laughing, half of my thoughts were about you.
HJ: *smiles*

Both are planning on what to say once the other couple comes.

HJ: You want me to ask them if they want to leave?
HB: Tell them like this..
HJ: What?
HB: "Since we're here as couples, let's play separately.. See you next time~!"
HJ: Don't you think that's too much?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: How can we say that to the people who are coming just to see us? *laughs*
HB: You made me look like a bad person again...
HJ: We can say it like this then..
HB: How?
HJ: "We are still newlyweds... and we have so many things we need progress on.. So can you just let us spend more time with each other?"
HB: *laughs*

HB: Let's talk a lot.
HJ: Alright.
HB: Don't talk to other women.
HJ: I won't!
HB: When they speak to you, just do gestures.
HJ: Like a mute?
HB: Yep.
HJ: Got it! Whoever comes, I will act like a mute!

While sitting on the beach, Hwangbo spots Alex and Shinae arriving.

HJ: I think I'm feeling awkward already... I think it's better if we pretended we never saw them.

They both agreed that they will wait until Alex and Shinae apologizes to them.

HB: What time is it now~?
Shinae: But we had to walk all the way here..
HJ: No, it's fine!
HB: *falls* It wasn't supposed to be like that!

Hwangbo was the bad person again. ha!

Private Interview:

HB: I was comfortable. It was comfortable that Alex was leading us. "Open your luggages~", "Let's do this~", "Come here~" It was comfortable to do as I'm told. But it's not like my husband doesn't know how to do something like that.. I think it's because since he thinks he's younger and I'm his Nuna (older sister), he's letting me lead. If I don't do anything, I'm sure he will be leading in his own way also.

Alex wants to take a picture of both of them.

HB: Do I look weird right now?
HJ: You look fine.
HB: You sound like you're lying.

First game: Rock paper scissors.

Alex: Let's play a game of rock paper scissors. Whoever loses will be buried in the sand.
HJ: *competitive* That's perfect!

After winning..

Alex: I've never seen Hyunjoong this happy before.

Second game: Keep The Flag

HJ; Don't worry, we're used to losing anyways.
HB: *starts taking sand off the sand mountain*
HJ: BUIN! Don't lose! Don't lose!
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Oh, what's wrong with me? *laughs*

When it was Hyunjoong's turn, the flag fell.

HJ: *stares at Hwangbo* I don't think I'm good at this... It collapses every time I touch it..
HB: This is too much..
Alex: No, this is your fate!
HJ: *stands up and pretends to throw a boomerang* AISH!!
HB: *laughs*

Third Game: Palm Touch

HB: I don't want to lose! I don't want to lose! I don't want to lose!!!!
HJ: *holds her arm* Please show your Asian power!
Shinae: *pushes Hwangbo, Hwangbo falls down*
HJ: *catches Hwangbo* You can still stand!

Hyunjoong also lost to Alex when it was his turn.

HJ: *runs to the beach frustratedly* AHHHHH!!!! I'M GOING INSANE!!!!

Private Interview:

Q: You saw your husband without his shirt on.

HB: When he took off his shirt, I was like "Whoa~" but then I wondered why he took off his shirt in the first place. I thought he was gonna put it back on right away but he didn't. I thought, "So he has matured." *laughs*

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo wrote letters for each other on the beach.

HJ: "Good Hwang Buin by Hyunjoong"
HB: "I like the awkwardness by Hwangbo"

Shinae: They really are quiet.. Did you guys argue? Why don't you have conversations?
HJ: We always don't have any. *laughs*
Shinae: I think you guys talk less than us.
HB: But I don't think it's important now.. I know everything just looking at him.
HJ: Don't worry. The times that we do have conversations are all aired in the show!
HB: *laughs*

Fourth Game: Catching Fish

HB: Shinae caught one? Really? Please don't tell Hyunjoong..
Shinae: Huh?
HB: Don't tell him you caught one. No way, no way. I will hurt his pride. Hyunjoong didn't catch one last time too..
Alex: *talks about how they got a fish*
HB: Don't say that you got one he might hear it! Just go ahead and eat it! *throws her bait in the water* One fish.. Just one fish..

Private Interview:

HB: I didn't want Hyunjoong to know they were able to catch one. The moment they caught it I told them not to tell him. When my husband was checking out my fishing rod, I can really see his anticipation. We even lost a lot of the games, so I felt really sorry. I think I haven't done anything for him recently... I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from that..

Hyunjoong found out that Shinae caught a fish.

Private Interview:

HJ: At that moment I wanted to scuba dive with a spear. Of course I thought I would be able to catch one! But the boat was too big, and I think the engine was so noisy that the fishes swam away.

Q: But Shinae caught one...

HJ: Maybe it was a male fish. *laughs*

Private interview:

HB: We couldn't catch a fish! It made me so mad.. We also lost a lot of games because of me.. I hate situations like.. You know when you when you watch movies and the girls always make everything worse? Have you watched something like that? He could've ran away and saved himself but because of the girl.. Because of that one girl he wants to protect, both of them eventually die at the end of the movie! I've always thought then that girls become burden to men, so I hate being one. I hated the fact that I couldn't be of any help to him at that time and it felt like he was losing because of me..

HJ: So are we going to starve if we couldn't catch one?
HB: No way! We're gonna catch one! Don't worry about it. I'll catch one for you!
HJ: No, I think we should stop..
HB: No I can catch it! Ahh.. I know I can catch it..
HJ: To surrender early might be the source of success.

HJ: How come we keep on losing?
HB: You told me you're good at fishing!
HJ: I've always caught at least four.. What went wrong today?
Alex: Oh, so he can't catch one when he's with Hwangbo..
HB: *shocked*
Alex: I'm just kidding..
HB: But I think so too. *laughs* Now that I think about it, it's true. You can't catch fish when you're with me, huh?
HJ: Yep! I thought so too.
HB: I think we don't match..
HJ: Then shall we go back to shore and visit a fortune teller?
HB: *laughs*


nadene said...

now, i'm really missing them terribly...

LvKprogram said...

HB: You told me you're good at fishing!
HJ: I've always caught at least four.. What went wrong today?
Alex: Oh, so he can't catch one when he's with Hwangbo..

HJ already caught the fish (HB) so he doesn't need to catch other fishes in the sea. LOL

Ssangchu Heaven said...

nadene: me too T_T but even if I watched the show so many times I never get tired of it hahaha~

lvk: THAT'S A VERY VERY VERY AWESOME COMMENT!!!! omg i never thought of that...

he can't catch one coz he already has one *w*~~~

Anonymous said...


Thanks for putting up this quotes's nice to reminisce the unpredictable conversations of our joongbo couple. I'm always thankful that you have all the joongbo episodes in your's my haven when I'm feeling down and I can watch all their episodes over and over again. My gosh! after almost 2 years am still not over them.


Ssangchu Heaven said...

kikay: oh no problem hehehe~

and i know!!! it's been almost 2 years!!~ time went by so fast o.o~~! but the story is still getting started hehehe

hopefully i can put more of the quotes faster because from episode 12 & up we can see hyunjoong's transformation to a loving shillang!!~ ^^

Anonymous said...

hi sh... you know i am watching again here those episodes for the nth time since last night, I really miss our dear couple and while I am watching it I always keep on laughing coz of they're unique conversation..

I notice when they in a yatch hb put in between her lips the hairpin while comb/fixing her hair using her hands, I remember HJ and the rest of SS501 guest in a show,is it Champagne?

If you recall the MC asked HJ what he likes to a girl( or attracted? )(correct me if i'm wrong) he said that he really like/attracted to a girl who used her lips holding a hairpin while combing/fixing her hair.. so it means that from the start she saw hb do this, he already like her? WOW!!! I wish that one day they will tell us that they are together for REAL! let's keep on praying.. aja!aja!



JoongBo jjang! said...

cheongmal? i watched the epi again, but cn't find the sceen of HB tried to pin her hair...

Anonymous said...

hi joongbo jjang.. you will saw that part in ep.1, it is just a quick glance so you will not notice it.. you will saw it at scene time 9:30


Ssangchu Heaven said...

leiron: i love csi like this! you know some people say "oh that's just coincidence" but there are so, so, so many coincidences on joongbo. i really hope they will end up together too hehehe!~~

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for posting the quotes! Lately i am re-watching the episodes on my iPhone... The show has been over for so long, yet each time as I viewed the episodes, I can't help but be so enthralled by the Joongbo couple...

As always, I can't help but to think that they are like soul mate for each other... i mean, though there are other couples who are well matched in the show as well yet, there is just something very unique and engaging about this couple. I wish it will work out for them...someday somehow...sigh ...

JoongBo jjang! said...

oohh..thx...gomawo... i thought i was in the epi of vocation with alshin couple.. its the 1st epi... omo...i'll watch it immediately when i'm back to my rum...(^^,)

Anonymous said...

*sigh* this is addiction!

i've never rewatched any of their epi for about 6 months now or more, but whenever there is a discussion like this, their scenes come alive in me like i just saw them few minutes ago. their facial expressions so vivid, and i cant help myself but to squeal!! yes, even after 1.5 years!

joongbo is love

Anonymous said...

yes....indeed it is addiction...

i have just finished watching the last episode... couldnt help but cried... it is just so sad to see a relationship cut short like that... it is as if it is a miscarriage...

i couldnt help but think ~ if they have a chance to work it out proper and at the end realise that they are not suited, at least there are no regrets... but having to cut it off like is just such a waste... so a pity... people spent their life time searching for a soul mate or at least one who is so compatible to one let go like that...argh!

hard to reconcile that it is just a show ... the marriage may be make belief...the feelings vested are sure real...else why do they tug at our heart string???

anyways, sorry for the ramblings... this is properly the only place to air my tots with kindred spirits...

To the world!

JoongBo jjang! said...

don't worry, even it was just a show, if they felt that they suited each other, they'll find their way back to each other...make up n hv a proper relationship with no care of the audience responses...
i wish them for a bright future n happiness...
SEGYERO! \(^_~)/

Anonymous said...

juneone0601 said:

I like wat 1 said dat their end on d show seems lyk a miscarriage..
Im pretty sure they both feel dat way a hundredfold. Our HJ himself expresd it on a blakroom intrvw..
'its not lyk tym w/ buin is disapearg bt its fast runng out..if only we hd goten closer a lot earlier..we cud hv done mor..'
And strong rumors hv it dat HJ almost declind being castd in BOF...DSP just talkd him into it..

Lets keep d faith guys & keep marchg togederw til our couple's BIG REVEAL!!
Thanks SH... U r AMAZING