Monday, January 11, 2010

Hyunjoong In Vancouver, Canada!!!!

Here I am thinking it's only a rumor o.o

Jaejoong landed in Vancouver a few days ago and some Cassiopeians from Canada blogged about how they actually saw our Hyunjoongie with him~!

And it's true!!!
[Btw, a lot of places said that they are now in Toronto. ^^~]

I would totally fangirl if I'm just grocery shopping and suddenly two handsome flower boys appear O.O;

How can people handle that?


Anonymous said...

didn't someone say that the lee yunha girl lives in canada right now? maybe he went to see her. Whatever~~~~ hahah

gah khj looks sooo good!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was back home in Vancouver!! :(

Anonymous said...

WOW! those people who at the store are so lucky... I am jealous :))


thestyliss said...

love your new layout!!!! it super duper cute just like our ssangcho couple :)

nice work!

Anonymous said...

ahhh! I wish I could have seen him:( It sucks knowing I live in Vancouver but have no chance of seeing him.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous, lee yunha girl living in canada? really? where did that come from? if that is so, that sucks. oh whatever... wish for happiness both for hj and of course, hwangbo unni.

Anonymous said...

yeah someone said in the whole LEE YUNHA RANDOM blog reply. THat she's studying in canada or something. So i just thought khj tagged along with jae joong to see her or something. Maybe not as a girlfriend but just a friend right you never know. as a friend as even as a girlfriend i don't mind kim hyun joong, i'm happy you got a vacation off ^^