Saturday, January 23, 2010

Declaration On The Jan. 18th Incident And Requests To DSP Entertainment - Hyunjoong Kim Fandom Coalition

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Anonymous said...

It's shamefully amazing how overboard and to what extend some of these crazy fans will go for their idols, always so quick to put all the blames on the entertainment company, while their idols are god-like and "perfect", it is obviously the media's and netizens' faults for turning this into such a huge issue, and yet the fans blamed everything on the company, even having the audacity to demand an apology from them. Do these stupid people seriously think by doing this, it's going to help their idols?? Without their company backing them, they were nothing, they couldn't advance in the entertainment circle. Their idols are the company's cash cows, why would the company "purposely" cause their own idol's downfall. Foolish, over-craze fans can be so overbearing sometimes! Don't get me wrong, i'm also a big fan of Kim Hyun Joong, but sometimes some of these obsessive fans with no common senses get on my nerves! To those crazy fans, if you guys have so much time on your hand to come up with all those craps on that paper, why don't you use your time more wisely, and with your common senses intact too please, to show Kim Hyun Joong supports in more positive ways!

nikkie said...

ahahaha....2nd! hmmm...totally agree wid wat u say above..some fans need to think b4 they say n do stuffs, some even go 2 tha extremes of hurtin themselves or others bcuz of their obsessiveness...korean netizens r scary, look at wat happen to 2pm leader jaebom...well i hope this issue can b left bhind soon, n leader move on, cun wait for his next project! Fighting KHJ!

<33 TO THE WORLD! <33

Anonymous said...
this is too much.. they really can get overboard with such an issue.. it is scary to see how much korean netizens can get emotionally and mentally involved with their idols..

well, i do hope this issue can be forgiven but maybe not forgotten ASAP.. they need to move on.. come on.. there are too many things in life that we need to focus on..
KHJ really need our supports now dear fans.. fighting!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I kind of disagree with my fellow fans above. Most fans seem so uncomfortable with the slave-contract environment in which idols live and work that they are determined to ignore it as much as possible. I'm not saying everybody has to focus only on the bad side and be angry or sad instead of having fun with the good side. But when something goes wrong in the very controlled idol environment, then the only independent support they can get is from the powerful economic voice of their fans. The producers and the government regulators will respond if there's enough pressure from the consumer. This is how checks and balances work. So, I think it is entirely correct for impassioned fans to make these demands. If CEOs think there will be no real price to pay, they will continue to do entirely as they please even when what they are doing is not in the star's best interest and therefore not really even in their own best business interest. Hyunjoong had no choice whatseoever to say no to his CEO, and anyone who thinks he should have resisted this foolish appearance is just not willing to accept the more harsh truths about producer control of the idol talent in the Korean business world. So...good on you Fandom Coalition. The producer made a very short-sighted, momentarily self-serving choice that was very damaging, and they should apologize!

Anonymous in the US (and with a lot of experience in the entertainment industry)

Joongbo@Heart said...

hi upstair, i totally agree with you. my support for the coalition to do something proactive, and be a voice for HyunJoong.
for whatever reasons or an oversight of the dsp ceo for doing what he did, the least he/they should have done was to speak the truth and defend HyunJoong the innocent victim, instead of letting him take the heat without any defence. speak so much of a management company!
it might be far-fetched to even think that the reason is to reduce his market-rate, but read carefully and analysis recent news of HyunJoong's activities might be a hint that it is really possible!
we wish the best for HyunJoong, so lets just pray that all this will have a closure and soon!
Fighting HyunJoong our 4D shillang!
our love with you always, saranghaeyo

SouL said...

wow..just attending a birthday party seems like dropping a bomb in a serious...

Anonymous said...

Well...just a birthday party it wasn't. Ex-president Jeon Doohwan is infamous and despised for a pretty big massacre of Korean citizens, so it would be kind of like..oh...George Clooney going to a Ku Klux Clan's Grand Dragon birthday, or Spanish star Alejandro Sanz going to an ETA birthday, or a Phillippine star going to an Abu Sayyaf birthday (all terrorist organizations). Stars and killers are not a happy mix.

Joongbo@heart - you make an interesting point that I hadn't thought of. By "reducing his market-rate" do you mean reducing his popularity a bit, or reducing the number of his projects or appearances? I don't speak or read Korean, so I can only see the little that gets English-subbed, so I'm probably not seeing the news you refer to. Unless you mean turning down "My Pet"...but the actress also turned it down, so I don't know.... There is always a little bit of a tug-of-war between talent and producers...the producers want their talent to be successful, but not exactly so successful that they get ideas to start doing their own stuff and getting too far out of control, while of course for talent there is no such thing as being too successful - so your thought is not too far-fetched. We can only speculate, and just keep sending Hyunjoong our support and love!

JoongBo jjang! said...

i agree with joongbo@heart and the anonym of 4th post... even the korean fans look scary but it worth for the power and influence they got... imagine that the power could also affect other idols under the company, thus affecting the company as well! they should be pro-active if they want to protect their idol..
KHJ might as well want DSP to publicly apologize to him and to what had happened.. this is somthing DSP should promise not to let it happen again..
i also think they hv the intention to reduce KHJ market-rate b4 he ends his contract with DSP.. hence, KHJ might continue the contract thinking that he could only success under the company helps... poor shillang... KHJ fighting!!