Sunday, January 10, 2010

Joongbo Episode 11 Quotes

Episode 11 Quotes

After watching the episodes of other couples on We Got Married and their first time visiting their wife's/husband's family or friends, I realize that it really is very difficult.

In this episode, I really felt that Hwang Buin had a hard time here, especially waking them up and cooking for them.

I also feel that even though I didn't like how Hyunjoong sometimes treated Hwangbo in this episode... To me,.. after the Japan episodes, he was suddenly showing that he can be a real Shillang to Hwang Buin. :)
Hwangbo tries to wake up Hyunjoong but he's too sleepy.

HB: Soon your wife is going back to Korea.. Don't you think sleeping is just wasting time?
HJ: ...
HB: It's not?
HJ: Of course it's wasteful...

Hwangbo told Hyunjoong to go back to sleep, but after a while, she goes back to his room to ask him what he wants for breakfast.

HB: What was the dish you wanted to eat? You said you wanted egg rolls right?
HJ: I don't want to eat..
HB: You don't want to? Then I'll go back to Korea after I finish cooking. I'll just go back to Korea, so you will get up and eat? Huh?
HJ: That's not it..

Hwangbo tried to wake up Young Masters Hyungjoon and Kyujong.

HB: The reason I'm waking you guys up is so that you will have time to apply BB cream! What do you think of my considerations?
Kyujong: *high fives her*

HB: Even though my voice isn't pure...
Hyungjoon: Very rough.
HB: *laughs* It's a voice filled with energy!
Hyungjoon: YEAH!
Kyujong: *high fives her again*

Hyungjoon and Kyujong tells Hwangbo the secret to waking Hyunjoong.

Kyujong: Try tickling him.
HB: But we never touched before so... you know we are an awkward couple..
Hyungjoon: But you have to do it so he can wake up!
Kyujong: *high fives with Hyungjoon*
HB: I don't think I can...
Kyujong: You can feel his ribs when you touch his skin, so put your fingers in between and tickle him!
HB: I don't think I can.. I need confidence..
Hyungjoon: AHHH!!!
*The three high fives each other*

Jungmin spies on Hwangbo while she's cooking.

HB: Why?
Jungmin: Good morning!
HB: Ohayo~!
Jungmin Ohayo! Is this chili paste broth? What is it? What is it? What is it~?
HB: It's chicken broiled broth.
Jungmin: Ahh...
HB: Because I can't cook fried chicken here, I'm now cooking chicken broiled broth. And there's also soybean paste soup.
Jungmin: You need to boil it for a long time.
HB: Yes, it looks like you can cook!
Jungmin: Yes, I'm Chef Park!
HB: But you don't even cook at all.. You should cook and feed my husband!

Hyunjoong checks up on her cooking.

HJ: Is it really chicken broiled broth?
HB: Yeah.
HJ: But it's not done yet?!
HB: *hurt* It's going to be ready soon...

Jungmin comes back to spy on her again.

HB: You're really like a mother-in-law! Really, young master!
Jungmin: I want to keep checking on it..
HB: *sighs*
Jungmin: Okay, okay, okay... Do a good job!
HB: Do a good job? *talks to herself* She went somewhere before, and now the mother-in-law is here.. Suddenly my marriage became difficult.

Jungmin: Are you cooking the rice? You won't be using instant rice, right?
HB: But here's no rice cooker!
Jungmin: Then you should boil it!

HB: Mother, could you taste my dish for me?
Jungmin: I'm really strict with taste...

The young masters were amazed of their meal.. but..

Hyungjoon: But the rice is a rock. How come the rice is a rock?
HJ: It's fine, just eat it! You're not gonna die. You eat rice cakes but you can't eat this? It's the same rice!

Hyunjoong starts with his meal.

HJ: Ham!
Jungmin: Try the one she made first!
HJ: What?
Jungmin: Try the one she made!
HB: My husband is like this.. What can I do? Just!
HJ: Why?
HB: You have to try this one first! Don't you think that's rude?

HJ: It's really delicious!
Hyungjoon: It's delicious!
Kyujong: Very impressive!
HB: Thank you! I'll do better when you guys come back to Korea.
HJ: Let's live together.
HB: *laughs*

Hyungjoon: Sister-in-law passed the practical test. It's delicious!
HB: I passed the practical.. what's next?
Hyungjoon: Driving on the road!

Hyungjoon: I'm gonna miss you... We won't be able to eat something like this from tomorrow..
HJ: It's alright. She's gonna be living with us from today.

Hwangbo plays her song "Shall we date" while they're eating.

Jungmin: Wait a sec~
HB: What?
Jungmin: *goes to the refrigerator and gets a watermelon seed*
HJ: *takes the watermelon seed from Jungmin and places it on Hwangbo's forehead*

HB: You can't see me right?
HJ: Me? Of course I can't.. (He's inside the recording studio)
HB: In Korea there are some that you can see from the inside.
HJ: Yeah..
HB: ..but not here.
HJ: That's true.. Then, do you want to stand infront of me?

HJ: The lyrics are like.. "let's hug", "let's kiss", "let's melt together"..
HB: "Let's melt together?"
HJ: Yeah melt together.
HB: Ah so like melting together!
HJ: That's why it might get awkward if we'll be infront of each other.
HB: *laughs* I won't go inside then.

HB: What kind of emotions did you have when I came here?
HJ: "Oh, why is she here?"
HB: You always make me look stupid..
HJ: That's not it.. "It must have been hard for her in that small house.." "It must have been hard for her to come all the way here".. Those kind of emotions..


HB: I think you can use the lyrics on normal conversations.
HJ: *sings* "Let's kiss."
HB: Well you can't say it that way in real life.
HJ: People don't say "Let's melt together~" right?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: "Let's melt together.." Isn't that weird? If I say that, I'll sound like a pervert.

HJ: This is the Japanese snack that I like.
HB: What is it?
HJ: The huge rice snack!

HJ: So you're really leaving soon.
HB: Yeah about to.
HJ: Stay here.
HB: How can you be so insincere!

HJ: It would be nice if you can feature in a song.
HB: Yeah, when I master Japanese.
HJ: You can do it in English. *sings* "Let's kiss~" Then you go, "Ah~"

Hyunjoong asks the Japanese producer for Hwangbo to feature in their song.

HJ: Miss, I'm sorry but, my wife is a singer..singer.. So, when I sing, "Let's kiss" after I sing that.. "Ahh~!" *points at Hwangbo*
Miss Producer: You want to do that?
HJ: Yes.
Miss Producer: *nods*
HB: Tell her she can delete it afterwards.
HJ: After we record, please delete it.

HJ: Drink this, and give me something really sexy!
HB: *drinks water and makes a gargling noise*
HJ: That's not for gargling..
HB: But I have to warm up my throat.
HJ: You're just doing exclamations! Rough is sexier.

HJ: Buin, buin.
HB: *ignores*
HJ: Buin.
HB: Oh! Can you see me?
HJ: ....
HB: Am I talking to myself again?..

HB: Shillang..
HJ: Yep?
HB: The lyrics are written in here.. in Korean.
HJ: *laughs* That's our style!

HJ: You know the lyrics, right? Give me something desperate, sexy and rough!
HB: *laughs*

After she records...

HB: I did good?
HJ: That's not it... *laughs*

HB: How should I end the song? I just went like "Hit it"
HJ: *sings in a girly voice* "Baby come on!" *laughs*


After her second recording..

HJ: Darling.. Oh wait what am I saying!? *laughs*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Buin, you did good but.. *laughs* ...I think it's because I've always wanted to call you that way. *laughs*

Private Interview:

HJ: Hwang Buin was a singer. Wait no, not was, is a singer. So I thought she can do really sexy stuff, but I was surprised she wasn't good at it. So I helped her, and it was awkward at first, but in the end she did fine.

Did you like it?

HJ: I personally liked it but I'm not sure about the Japanese staff. It won't be in the album but we still have the file. I think it's great that we can listen to it whenever we wish to.

Hyunjoong speaks to the producer about the recording.

HJ: If it doesn't work out in the album, please give me a CD.

Hyunjoong goes to Hwangbo to talk about the file.

HJ: Even if it doesn't go in the album, I will keep a copy for myself. *laughs*
HB: Into a CD?
HJ: Yeah, I'm gonna burn it!

Private Interview:

HB: It's always nice in the beginning.. but when you think it's about to end, "I shouldn't have came.." Even on my flight back to Korea, there seemed to be an after effect. Even though it was only a day I thought, "Ah.. I shouldn't have visited him.." Because we were together for a long time, the whole day we were together.

Normally I wouldn't, but the next morning, I thought of him. While I was having my meal, I thought of him. "They must have been eating ramen again." "Is Young master Youngsaeng sleeping still?" "Did someone tickle my husband to wake him up?" "There was ham in the refrigerator.. Did they warm it up and eat it?" A lot of thoughts came into my mind that even when I was eating alone I felt sorry...


kikay_34 said...

Hi SH,

Thanks for posting this episode, honestly this was the episode I really felt bad for Hwangbo. I mean she travelled all the way from Korea and KHJ didn't show enough warm welcome to her. I usually skip this part of the episode cos I felt Hwangbo was really using all her patience and understanding. I could just imagine how will the other girls reacted if they were treated that way but Hb was so cool about it. If it was some other guy..I guess he will be touched. Then cooking from scratch..seriously I wouldn't even do that. That is why HB is such an amazing woman.

But am glad that KHJ tried to correct himself and felt guilty afterwards for treating HB that way. He probably watched the show after and saw how he acted somewhat rude to HB. Remember that wedding photo episode when they were walking outside and he apologized for his behaviour during her visit.

I'm sorry am just getting so emotional right now cos I am missing them so much.

kikay_34 said...

You're absolutely right and that is why after a year we are still here discussing about them..thanks again..nothing beats our Joongbo couple.

Anonymous said...

i agree, this episode was such a challenge for HB, and i give her the credit for making their relationship to work out. imagine if it was with some girls, maybe the girl would end up crying in despair, or shouting in anger, but HB managed it well and was able to whack HJ's head with kindness that he started his change as her Shillang.

i miss Joongbo!! :(

Ssangchu Heaven said...

I totally understand you kikay.. Honestly, this is not one of my favorite episodes to watch either ^^ We can't hide that HJ was very cold to her at times, neh?

But we should also understand that HJ is not a typical guy. I've been a fan of SS501 since they debuted and he is just not someone that people can easily talk/relate to. He is not someone who can just show his feelings. He can express his thoughts well, but his emotions, that's a different story.

I feel that he is more comfortable being with Hwang Buin when they are alone rather than the times they are with other people. I totally commend Hwangbo for being patient with him, and understanding him so well.

..also quoting from Hyunjoong, which I think sums it all..

"Honestly, I didn't express it but in my heart.. you helped me a lot. Before I met you.. I wanted to tell you this.. I used to live a very confined life... I don't know if you'll believe this but besides my friends, no one knows me, what kind of person I am... But I think Buin now knows.

A lot of my dark and gloomy ways,.. This goes on tv but I'm not just saying this, I think you really changed me a lot.. at the right time.

In a way I strongly feel like you were someone sent by God. Honestly I just wanted to tell you this."


Ssangchu Heaven said...

WOOPS sorry I edited my earlier post.. (or should I say deleted.. haha! Ii wanted to add something ^^)

kikay; definitely, nothing beats the joongbo couple *w*~~~

anonymous; I liked the fact that instead of scolding him or telling him what to do, Hwangbo let him be..

and slowly was able to break the wall Hyunjoong made on himself. ^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that quote SH,, It's one of the best words I've heard from him,,

I think it's safe to say that you don't hear Hyun Joong showing his feelings and not just thoughts anywhere else but on this farewell episode with his Hwang Buin at Hallasan.

Anonymous said...

She really is someone sent by God to him. HB, although indirectly, taught me how to be modest, understanding, patient, kind and loving. To whomever her heart goes out to will be the luckiest guy in the world.

Anonymous said...

hello sh... i really admire hb despite shillang being so cold she still managed to handle the situation, we know that hj don't like the mushy things just what he said before, but as we notice in the long run he start to show who really he is and being natural to hb... we love this them so much, that's why until now we still keep holding our faith that in the end they'll be together " FOR REAL" as couple...btw thanks a lot for always keep updating us.. take care :D



Anonymous said...

sorry,.. but reading the ep quotes makes my tears fall. i miss them terribly. at the beginning of this ep, hj was very cool to hb. but after the breakfast, he showed his concerns and cares to hb (i can feel with my heart). thereafter, hj did not hide his cares to her, but might just be shown on his own way. hb felt it, i have no doubt. she felt all his cares and love to her. that's why she cried so badly at the end.

Black Heaven said...

hi, ssangchu heaven, i'n black heaven. XD

thx for writing this. and my thought is just like the other joongbo fans who wrote their comment on your post.

thanks a zillion. *hugs*.

Anonymous said...


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judyortizluis said...

hi... Japan ep is one of my fave. It might true that HJ is so cold toward HB maybe because not in a million thoughts of HJ ever think that HB wud come to japan juz to see her husband... HJ might dnt know how to react in that situation. But if any1 remember, HJ even ask the guys (ss501) to thank his buin for their dinner. there is also 1 scene where they are playing paper-scissor stuff... see how happy is the face of HJ learning that his buin win... take also the recording part... I think, this is the part where HJ is happy but cant really organize his feeling to let it out and show how happy he is to see his buin... this is also a shaking part for HJ that for HB, he is SPECIAL.

judyortizluis said...

And i think it pays off for HB for since then (japan ep) they become more closer and HJ started to open up and giving more effort for her buin... Dnt you think its more romantic?... that make me feel in love with the couple... The effort that they put for each other... i mizz them soooomuchhh

Joanne_Xinyuan said...

Haiii :D
May i ask what is the song hyunjoong was doing?
JoongBo forever :D <3

Anonymous said...

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