Friday, January 8, 2010

Kim Hyunjoong Declines "Family Outing Season 2" Offer

Credit: + (Chinese translation) julieann @ + (English translation)

SBS popular variety show 'Family Outing' MCs Yoo Jae Sok and Lee Hyori are leaving the show. The production unit is planning to change the format of the program and start a completely new season named 'Family Outing 2'. The new candidates for MC are currently the concerned in the industry.

In order to compete with KBS 2TV '2 Days 1 Night', SBS TV is currently planning the program content and also looking for suitable candidates as the new MC.

According to information received, the candidates in the host list include SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, 2PM's Taek Yeon, SNSD's Yoon Ah, Big Bang's Dae Sung and other idol group members, comedian Sim Bong Seon is also in the name list. The production unit mentioned that they are still currently discussion stage with the 7 artists in the name list.

Actually 2PM's management company's JYP entertainment related personnel revealed: "The production unit did come to discuss with us, but the related details are not raised. Also because of changes in the schedule, currently is not confirmed yet."

SS501's company DSP revealed in an interview: "We have already received the invitation, but their schedule are very tight so it is almost impossible'.

Big Bang Dae Sung will be acting in a new drama, therefore he most likely will not participate in the 2 Days 1 Night varity show, so it is still undecided.


Chelsea said...

what will fo do without mc yoo??? ah it'd be cool if hyunjoong could take up the offer..too bad.

LvKprogram said...

HJ need to take the time off or something. DSP over work him. I glad DSP is smart enough to decline FO2.