Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Hotsun Chicken Photos

It feels like he's more than endorsing chicken for Hotsun xD


Anonymous said...

i like hwangbo more... is there no news of her?

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous...please go to the hwangbo soompi forum and also the joongbo soompi much spazzing and csing going on there. But I'm pretty much sure that SH will also post it here..assuming ha ha..

Anonymous said...

agree with you here SH. like he's endorsing wine, clothes, bags? hehe

HJ why are you so pretty?!

Anonymous said...

i found this by accident....

was she wearing the hole top that hyun joong complained about? and look in her hand ...ss501 greenpea mobilechain. wowowwowo

Anonymous said...

he looks like he is proposing to his yeobo

*giggling like an ajuma*