Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kim Hyunjoong and Jeon Doohwan controversy

SS501’s member Kim HyunJoong is currently mad due to the controversy that is encompassing him in Korea. This controversy of this matter involves the ex-president of Korea, Jeon DooHwan.

What is it exactly that the netizens and citizens are making a fuss about? KBites will lay out the facts.

In Korea on the 18th, the news reported that Kim HyunJoong had gone to the birthday celebration for the former president of the Republic of Korea. This could seem like a simple birthday celebration, however, the fact is that it wasn’t

Many of you guys may not know about the reputation Jeon DooHwan has in Korea. Many of you guys might not also know that some Koreans are just waiting patiently for his death. Jeon DooHwan was the president that caused one of the most notorious act in Korea, also called the “Gwangju Democratization Movement.” Before, Jeon DooHwan had pressured Koreans under the military power, basically making sure that everyone was following him. However, in Gwangju, several hundreds of citizens gathered together and formed a “movement” for the democracy in the government. Unfortunately, the armed forces were too much for the weak citizens to handle, and along with the movement, several hundreds of the citizens were brutally massacre in 2 days, causing a short period of war between the citizens of Korea. This wasn’t his only mistake, but one of the mistakes he is critized the most for.

Jeon DooHwan celebrated his eightieth birthday in Korea, and a suprising guest came on to the scene, and it was no other than Kim HyunJoong. When the news first came on to the scene, it was said that DSP Media had no idea Kim HyunJoong had attended this event. However, it was revealed that he had actually been there at the event and DSP announced once again that HyunJoong had gone there with someone else that knew the former president. DSP Media also made sure to emphasize the point that Kim HyunJoong had only been there “for a while.”

According to one photographer that was present in the birthday scene, he revealed that Kim HyunJoong waited in line along with the other guest to greet the president, and eventually ended up meeting the former president and shaking his hand as well. The controversy continues with Kim HyunJoong’s journal entry he posted. The journal entry will not be posted here, however, HyunJoong was mad about all the response that came to him and he continued on about how he was taken to the birthday party and he didn’t have a choice at all.

compiled by: nulsaranghae @ k bites

As I read Hyunjoong's diary.. I really feel bad.. He's really hurt about this.. His words are so strong, and I can see his frustration. I just hope everything will be cleared up already...

This, like many other news is something that was blown out of proportion. and Hyunjoong was the one a lot of people were pointing their fingers at. I really can't believe why netizens are swearing at him! Did they even know what happened first? No. Did they even know why he was there? No. They just bashed him without knowing anything. It's ridiculous..

I can't reveal the diary entry to you guys here, but it is to protect Hyunjoong. TS members wanted to ask everyone not to post it to any International blogs until the issue clears up. Please understand.

[I know a lot of international fans are worried about him also... so if you wish to read the it privately, I can send you the entry. But remember it's only for you, and not to be reposted anywhere else.. Email: ssangchu_heaven@yahoo.com]

****to the email ad with "hula" I can't send anything because I have to be approved first? ^^;; I don't know what to do..***

Let's all pray everything will be fine by tomorrow.
Hyunjoong, have strength...


wolfpeach said...

"DSP announced once again that HyunJoong had gone there with someone else that knew the former president."

yes accdg. to allkpop.com that someone was DSP Entertainment’s CEO, Lee Ho Yeon.

really. it's hard to please everybody. it's even hard to please people consistently. i hope KHJ will take this lightly. it's just the 'current' news. people will forget it eventually.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

The problem is.. netizens are taking it to another level. I'm not Hyunjoong but reading all the comments about him right now, it's really hurtful... I can't believe they are swearing at him before they even knew what's up!

nadene said...

i'm not a hyunjoong fan, but more of a joongbo maybe even more of a hwangbo fan, yet still, i don't get it. i mean why criticize him for attending a party, don't celebrities do that all the time? attend parties of other 'well known' (heck, even powerful) people? it's not like he was conniving with the ex-president on some evil plot or something...gahhhh! i really hate when people become overly judgmental. oh well, i hope hyunjoong rises above and does not feel too down about this....

Anonymous said...

i dont understand why is there any issue here. cant he go wherever he wants to? he is a celebrity , oh yeah people, but he also has his rights as a person. and as long as he is not hurting anyone, he should be fine.

my true concern right now is his reaction towards this issue.HJ dont usually bother, having the "i dont care" attitude almost always. but he reacted on this one, he might have feel very hurt and feel so wrongfully accused.

yay! people in korea are really scary! i wonder why i take so much interest in them.

Anonymous said...

HJ fighting!!

JoongBo fighting!

Anonymous said...

Hyunjoong was with the all-powerful CEO of his company. Does anyone think for even a moment that he has the power to say to this man that he will refuse to accompany him? The CEO is virtually his owner, and considering the slave-contract environment idols are trained in, it somehow makes sense that this CEO is the kind of person who would be friends with a dictator personality like Jeon DooHwan. Birds of a feather flock together. So no wonder Hyunjoong would be so upset - to take such abuse for something he couldn't get out of, and to find himself yet again swallowing quietly the humiliation of his powerlessness, Why did that CEO drag his top talent to such an event? Certainly to have arm-candy to show off to the other big shots, drag Hyunjoong around like an ego-trophy and too ego-blinded to see what a stupid move it was. Ugh! This may sound harsh, but I really believe there is an ugly underbelly to idol fame, and sometimes the criminals at the top let slip their true corrupt faces.

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

HJ!! we all believe in u anD keep ur chin up dude!!! we LOVE u 4 EVAH!!!
hwaiting!!! joongbo hwaiting!!!
to the world!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. HJ only was an arm candy in this situation. DSP's crap on putting away their name is pissing me off. The official statement they released didn't help clear HJ's situation at all.

JoongBo jjang! said...

yeah.. Koreans are really scary... i also start to wonder why i'm so interested in them... maybe bcoz their movies n dramas show us that Koreans are very loving and caring to each other.. do they?
KHJ fighting!! hwang buin must be hurt too... hwang buin fighting!! u r the backbone for HJ! Aja!

Black Heaven said...

mentiont your self a fan, but sweared at him before you now what's happening behing all of that? don't even believe your beloved idol? shoot, i'm so mad with the harsh fans... i think they were the one that could harm idols too. with comments or scary presents... :(