Wednesday, January 13, 2010

High Cut Issue 21 - CF Shooting Star

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

One fine day in January where the heavy snow falls over 20cm, the warm spring atmosphere lingers in the studio paying no attention to the snow world outside.
‘High Cut’ exclusive reporting at the photoshoot scene of warm 2010 S/S season photos by ‘Perfect Pretty Boy’ Kim HyunJoong, chosen by MVIO.

Kim HyunJoong, Spring is Coming with HyunJoong

At the photoshoot with the concept called ‘Re-charging’ meaning to revitalize life, Kim HyunJoong wore lovely colored clothes with colors from the pastel series like white, green, blue, light pink, etc, transforming into a messenger of Spring.
In order to give off the feeling of recharge and relaxation, he wore comfortable casual clothing as well as a variety of accessories like fedora, sunglass, big bag, etc, beautifully displaying himself as a fashionista.

Among them, we shall release 2 photos.