Tuesday, January 5, 2010

GOD Magazine Cover Story Of Hwangbo

credits: (author) Lee Han Min + (translator) leirui@soompi + http://neewgm.blogspot.com

"Compare to what I have given
Those children given me more love."
- straightforward and thoughtful singer Hwang Bo, Compassion Band


2009 late autumn, Cha In Pyo, Joo Young Hoon as main etc. and minority Christians artist as finale. Voluntary service group Compassion Band released 1st official album.

Whenever listen to these songs, my heart (chest) will become warmth as each individual songs have its deep meaning inside, special theme song "Because of love" music video. It has been on news from the making to before sales release. Shin Ae Ra, Ryu Seon, Lee Yoo Mi, Kim Tae Hyun, Park Si Eun, Scan etc, appear in music video just a few minutes, because of the large amount of artist,it is not possible to invite all of them in a day.

Through the sales of this album, it will give food and water for the hungry children, giving children that sit on rubbish dump a scent of hope and aim. Other than this, doing free performance has also a part of news topic.

Due to large amount of artist participate in the one day special performance, and most of the artist are part of the compassion band, having a free performance will not make any news topic. However, with action, these people come together with time and love, to let the album drawn a special and perfect in a corner.

Those who have seen this, felt touched in their hearts and determined to become a compassion supporter. Because of that instant, children's tears from the other side of the world seem to be saying something. Gather with many image people of kind and good qualities, there isn't any other target therefore we headed to the bride role with unavoidable gaze. Isn't the main person in a wedding ceremony the bride? That person is singer Hwang Bo.

Having the looks of well-known girl group Chakra, dressed in wedding gown, entering the venue, there should be guests but all the chairs are empty. The expression of reluctant to part have also stopped, even though they came late, all the arriving guests quickly settle down and filled up the seats, sing and dance "Because of Love" reaching the highest happiness peak of the wedding ceremony. The lyrics "I wanna show only the bright sides, I wanna shine your heart, I want our soul to reborn, I wanna spread the joys all around"

"Because of love" first verse sang by Hwang Bo, real name Hwang Bo Hye Jung.

Meet this kind woman "Hye Jung" on Tuesday. Every Tuesday night at compassion house, compassion band gather together to sing, pray and recite bible. In this cold first winter, Hwang Bo personally went to bring the electric heater, the warmth that this woman gives, causes this cold room immediately become warm.


What will be the atmosphere during the recording compassion album and public performance?

On stage, when I am doing my solo, mainly is the thought of singing beautifully. But compassion band isn't a group. How can I do so that to help other people, letting people have the thoughts of helping the children hearts, there are many thoughts being put inside on what should be done. I felt that the best result is to sing happily.

When have you started to join compassion band? And how do you join?

About 2007 July. Before joining, I have the thoughts of doing some small voluntary service but only doing it alone. Before being famous as artist, due to the lack of money, and after that due to busy schedule, did not manage to do it. Just as I wanted to do it, Joo Young Hyun Oppa compassion event leader asked me to do together with them. Even until now, I will still feel embarrassed every time while doing voluntary service, but when everyone do together it seems to lesser hence starting to do together with Shim Tae Yoon (singer, manager)

Camp J, a voluntary service event held once every month, consists of Compassion, Artist, Musician, Magical, Piero, Jesus in the name of artists' voluntary service gathering; orphanage, disabled association and also visited old folks home but if wanted to do all these things then should have join compassion. Before this, have watched the performance that performed by compassion band in the church, I do not know how much help I can give but if we do this together, sounds not bad, therefore I joined compassion.

What is the motive of doing voluntary service event?

Hmm, there's satisfaction, because if wanted to know how it felt for being wealthy, go do voluntary service seems to have this kind of feelings. From the start, it's not like having this very big thinking of helping others. Just treat it as a gift experiment and do it, many pitiful gifts. Because of once being poor during young, I'm wanted to live by helping others, not because of anything but just wanted to do it, this kind of simple thinking.

During schooling, my friend's pocket money has always been lesser than me yet no matter what they will still bought snacks and also give me bus fare, very thankful for my friend. Compare to money, the thought of sharing is good. If there is no desire of helping, there will be reluctant of giving a small amount of money.

Times will change, now I might be helping others but may be one day I will need to accept help from others isn't it? Practically, by helping other children have brought more happiness and love... Those who have accepted my help might one day also help others. Hasn't our country have also been helped by compassion in the past, now our country can be said to be a country that gives and share.

May be it is due to Christian background and there's a motive

Recently, have times where I have been thinking "why have I become like this?" even though it is God who has planned our lives but it is according to my thinking why is this position exists and why does it not it exist. Isn't it amazing? Because of my parents' belief therefore felt that my belief isn't that strong. Before entering compassion, I just merely a church member. Sunday will be a church day; all the people in the world will go to church. God seems to have always indulgence my prayer but didn't ever thought of giving thanks and just pray when there is unhappiness but now seems to have changed. Grandmother's belief has been the deepest; she had always prayed for me every day after having Alzheimer. I didn't know how to pray but felt amazing and also anxious.
If just by looking at the current situation, it is hard to understand that life during young was very hard.

Father's job is chassis control and welding. There were days that I would cry whenever father came back from work and I saw his dirty clothes and felt pity. There would be no rice but it wouldn't to certain extend of being starved, just that wouldn't be able to buy trendy clothes or shoes.

Due to long period living in the basement, there is a need to seek for shelter if there is a flood. Why does our family stay in the basement, always doing hard work, I was immature and curious about it. Couldn't we stay somewhere else compare to those that is really poor I doesn't know what place am I wealthy of.

I have gone to one of the country in Compassion Vision Tour, at Bangladesh, crying while carrying children that couldn't drink a mouthful of water freely. If I had lived in this kind of place in the start, would I be able to live, I felt that poor isn't not as what we feel because born in our country I do not know what does the real poverty mean.

Are there any special feelings in doing voluntary service event?

Went to a place that is similar to disabled rest room to do voluntary service I just do my best to do what I suppose to do. Helping them to scoop rice, help them to push the wheel chairs. Why am I just doing things that about myself in the past thinks that unsatisfied things are due to other reasons, always like this even for small matters, to be thankful have become like oxygen, like it is a natural thing.

But to be honest, while doing voluntary service, it given me time to relax and also leisure time however when I am scooping rice for the refugee that scent of rice I will every time turned and pretend to smile. But, really thankful. Even though I didn't do much, really thankful. Very guilty and also very sorry.

Went overseas last year march, I remember the words that In Pyo Oppa said. We said I love you to the children, even though it is words of affection, however we just said that and went back to our country, the next few days we are still in our comfort place eating good and forgetting about it, really very sorry towards them.

Went to Philippines grave village, saw that place where there is house in the middle of the graves. There's also a rubbish dump at the side. Children with only one shoe bare footed stepping on the load of rubbish and glass. It is unbearable to watch, I also left there straight. Before looking at all this, is this what we expected? Our country has been like this during 1950s.

After seeing this, the Russian pastor set up Compassion, isn't now that we turn around and become the role of helping others. Therefore think about it, even though now they are in poverty but one day they could also able to see hope like our country. Accepting help and also will be able to help others. If possible, it will be wonderful to bring one or two poverty children to Seoul for the whole at the amusement park to play whole heartedly, wanted to make this comes true no matter what. Will they be able to adapt to Seoul living? Whenever I think about these children, I will be thinking of the stars in the sky, because I can see and feel them directly, these thoughts cannot be done if I couldn't see them.

Doing Compassion Band events seems to strengthen my beliefs

People said that they can hear God's voice and then follow Him but I really don't "How do they listen? What do they listen?" Once there's a saying, someone said "You shouldn't have any thoughts while praying, and God's voice can be heard" Four, five years ago, I had depression and very upset. Me, really looks like the enemy where five of them comes out. Not long ago during broadcast I have said, I didn't take any pay for the photo shoot of the poster. The month before being artist if if eleventh tax (Christian need to pay 1/10 of their pay to the church) of thirty thousand won is consider too much, then eleventh tax ten thousand also consider as a lot.

Paying different amount has been frustrating, but, during praying the word "forgiveness" appeared in my mind. For those who are laughing on people unhappiness what is forgiveness means?

My understanding is this vocabulary will not appear no matter what. "I don't know this kind of things, about laughing on people's unhappiness!"

"What can laugh on other people's unhappiness does?" God who done the judgement, really very curious in my heart. These people will not regret about the ending, by thinking this, I pray for the sake of them. However the amazing thing is, I had become pitiful, my heart become calm, even though not entirely honest but at least there isn't any hatred.

While living on belief, when do you feel his meaningful and fun?

Have been praying about many things without setting any condition in the past, still now, I still praying in hoping to get more abundant of help. Other than the hundred thousand that I get every month, even if I have to borrow money for living expenses, I will still give the eleventh tax. God surely will give many blessing at that time I do not believe. One day, when there is no money and yet still continue to donate, that is so unreasonable, just for a few years time and will enter with a bagful of money! How much shocking and thankful it has caused.

Now that all the debts have been paid, I can do voluntary service freely, mother that is ill, grandmother’s hospital bills, I did my best to shoulder them, even though my savings will be lesser, but compare to that there have been more thankful, when young, my parents have been sacrifice for me, this is what I have felt. Because mother has done cancer surgery twice, others I’m not that sure and I didn’t want due to the glance of people with the same belief and does not do it.

However friends that can be relied on are valuable ideas that should have been done, also for Jung Ryeo Won which we do Chakra events together. At that time, makeup artist that is same age as me have also sent phone message to me frequently, saying that there is a need of me.

Recently at the newly set up church ( “Faith” church) have frequently meet up with Song Eunee, Park Mi Sun, Kim Suk Hoon Oppa and Lee Sun Mi Sunbae, while looking at them I felt “ I have also become this kind of sunbae, when people look at me, I have become this type of person”. Even though there’s have been a church that I have always visit with my mother since young but the youth group haven’t be verified before, and I have already discuss with others we can go to the church together, learning bible at church on Thursday isn’t a bad idea.

Prayer topics seems to be similar with girls a lot

Before God, no matter what I will give everything, pray towards those difficult times I will not be shock but gain benefit from it. Again, praying for the happiness that I have now and also feel it. in the past, I will not wished for anything if it is just this, thinking that there will be no hope, enjoyed ordinary happiness, living with heart that filled with grateful. It has turned cold not long ago, used to have gone to the nearby market to buy things while wearing a mask. Even though it is a very common thing for others, yet it’s give so much comfort and happiness.

I don’t have another diary for prayer. I have been writing diary entries since young and still doing so every day. Once, combining ten wishes that I wanted in my whole life and wrote them down, that should be able to consider as prayer topics.

How many wishes can I tell you?

To be God's happiness

Even though this seems to be a bit artificial but seems that I should have written down the belief target level...(laugh) Actually I still haven't come out with a plan to reach this, no matter what believe that God will listen to them therefore I have written it down.

Bring parents to a hot spa tour

Due to shows, I have been travelling to overseas and have attempt to many delicious food. However every time during this moment I will feel very guilty, therefore will bring them to "Noble Jiangnan", "very enjoyable village" and "Never want to eat a single thing" when I'm free. Parents have given me a lot of happiness, the whole family and I went to Japan hot spa during father's 60th birthday, if I didn't keep this promise and a few years more have passed.

Then before 35, I must get married!

If there's a Hwang Bo Hye Jung's man, who will be her good, ideal type?

A man who is able to work and we can voluntary service together
Will prevent me from doing things that are not good and then do the right things together
It will be good if it's a man who respects God

What is God towards Hwang Bo?

When delivering God message to friends that do not believe God, "God? Man create God so that to depend on during difficulties?" There will be objections right? Haven't these kinds of words showing that they have also agreed to the existence of God? But why don't they believe? I'm curious. How long will it need for the whole world to believe in God's words? Will God stop listening if I have thoughts that are not good? Even with these kinds of thoughts God will still listen, no matter what, I pray that I am nearby God. I want to rely (trust) on Lord.


After interview, upon standing up, Hwang Bo also put the warmer in front. When leaving House, she said there will be a Korean buffet and dinner must be eaten and grab on to reporter. Chatting and eating with the members of Band, Hwang Bo wore red rubber gloves and appears again, reporter nervous for a while. "Please pass me the empty bowl." Wearing rubber gloves washing the bowls, having such a dance singer with easy-going character, that Tuesday farewell dinner seems to remain in memory for a long time.


Anonymous said...

they both adjusted the age they wish to get married!! YATTA! (^^,)

Anonymous said...

humility means hwangbo...she's so humble, a true servant of God...HB really have good and God-fearing people/friends around her.
I like what she said here.."..always like this even for small matters, to be thankful have become like OXYGEN, like it is a natural thing.

angie9705 said...

I like her perceptive in life...being poor didn't make her greed for more money and success... instead she valued those moment in her life and turned it into a stepping stone to reach out to people who are in need of helping hand.

Anonymous said...

i love hwang bo hye jung!

i'am always in awe whenever i see her or read about her. she is very straightforward and yet very sincere. she's someone to look up to.

i will be like her someday, on my own special way.

kikay_34 said...

SH...thanks for uploading this article in your blog...

Reading this article made me love Hwangbo more. I mean she's an epitome of grace, humility,god-fearing, kindness, honesty and a person who knows how to give back to others her blessings.

I hope God will grant her wishes especially finding the right guy that has the same faith with her, the guy that will be doing charity works with her and a guy that will love her and marry her before she turned 30. I will pray for you Hwangbo.

ssorry said...

you are good girl Hwang bo fighting and thank you SH

GaGa said...

This is only one of the many reasons I love her!! I thought She is the coolest woman in the world.
And she deserves only the best!!!
And I wish her love is always happy!!!
Hye Jung Jiang!
Hye Jung Fighting!

Anonymous said...

hwang bo is really an unbelievable woman, she's close to perfection... she seems very humble and sincere to every one around her..truly a super woman.

thank you for sharing this article... :)

charmed said...

unni, fighting! - charmed

nadia_gwapa said...

dear sh,

when i grow up i want to be just like Hwangbo Unni....but since I'm a grown up already, maybe I can tell my own daughter about her...

gawd, i love her, she's so near perfection...

Chelsea said...

Our hwang buin has such a beautiful kind heart. Love her!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Anonymous said...

hwangbo jjang ~
thx for sharing =)
u've my appreciation ^^

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