Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hyunjoong In Hong Kong

I used to post so many magazine scans!! ayaayyyy
will totally do that again!

(i can't find the whole january issue yet ^^;)


Anonymous said...

He looks healthy these days. Wish he wears less makeup when doing public appearance. He is georgeous naturally!

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

thAts the onLy wORd i can thInk of noW! anD jusT "PErfeCT"!!!!
hurm...hwangbO unnie is damn hot gorgeous..anD HJ iS jusT "peRFECT"!!
match maDe in heAVEN!!!!

Anonymous said...

mini skull earrings!! u see??? u see???

Anonymous said...

he is so hot... I love it!!! btw Happy Three Kings :) i really like your new format... take care



GaGa said...

Hey SH,

Just looking at your title, I'm shocked!!! I thought that he's in HKG again privately and got caught by Paparazzi again!!! Hahaha!

Since SS501 disappeared since Boxing day, I've been craving to know what they are up to!! And seems like Hye Jung is off from sight too?!! Her only appearance these days was in KooBar New Year Eve, kinda suspicious. Shouldn't we Joongboers try to hire someone like Sherlook Holmes to find them?

GaGa said...

Hi SH,

Appearantly, I maybe right afterall. HJ was spotted by fans in Macau in New Year's Eve!!!
you can check out this fan site, they even took photos together. However, Hye Jung is not in sight.

Sammy Jayne said...

Hmm there's something I've been wondering about. If the surname comes first in a Korean name, is Hwang Bo's name Hwang Bo or is it Hye Jung?

Joongbo fighting! <3

GaGa said...

Hi Sammy,
Hye Jung is her first name,
Hwang Bo is her last name.

Her last name is a double syllable while is very weird among Korean (and Chinese too), and I remembered reading long time ago, Last name Hwang Bo is once related to a loyal family in anicent time (not sure though) I hope it helps.

Sammy Jayne said...

Thanks alot Gaga! Then why does she use her surname instead of her actual name? Hye Jung sounds more feminine. ahaha. either way she still rocks!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, where is Koobar located? I am also curious about Hj's skull earrings? Anyone? Anyhow, I was so happy to see Hwangbo performing, she is getting sexier by the moment, that means more contenders? lol.