Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hwang Buin Photo Hunt

Hey guys I need your help! I'm trying to find a close up photo of our Hwang Buin ^^ I'm really trying to find a certain angle, like her looking down or looking on the side? xD~~ (I can't explain myself well sorry ^^;;)

But help meeee~~ or better yet, what's your favorite solo picture of our Hwangbo? :D~~ Send me a link here hehe~


Anonymous said...

i really really like this---quirky and playful...

GaGa said...

Hi Ssangchu Heaven,
The recent photos posted by imur100@Hwangbo's soompi is quite nice, the ones from the hairdresser are with different angles. You could check it out!!

lee74 said...

found this, hope this helps:;;

will try to find some more next time, that is if you haven't found the right picture yet.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

omg thanks guys!!!! i was trying to make a new banner hehehe~ xD I wanted to ahve different angles of Hwang Buin's face ^^

JoongBo jjang! said...

here's the links to her photo gallery..
there r many photos from the web that suit to be used 4 ur banner..^^

n here links to some photos that might go well with ur project,
do show us ur banner once it finish..^^

GaGa said...

This is my favorite photo of Hye Jung, so sexy and hot in a very stylish way!!: