Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who Is The Most Attractive WGM Couple?

Guys let's support our Ssangchu Couple on this poll!

Who Is The Most Attractive WGM Couple?
'우결' 커플 중 볼수록 매력이 있는 커플은?

  • 조권·가인 (Jokwon & Gain)
  • 김현중·황보 (Hwangbo & Hyunjoong)
  • 크라운제이·서인영 (Crown J & Seo In Young)
  • 김용준·황정음 (Kim Yong Jun & Hwang Jung Eum)
  • 앤디·솔비 (Andy & Solbi)
  • 알렉스·신애 (Alex & Shinae)
  • 손담비·마르코 (Marco & Son Dam Bi)
  • 환희·화요비 (Hwanhee & Hwayobi)
  • 박재정·유이 (Park Jae Jung & UEE)
  • 정형돈·태연 (Hyundon & Taeyeon)
  • 이선호·황우슬혜 (Lee Sun Ho & Hwangwoo Seulhye)
  • 김신영·신성록 (Shin Sung Rok & Kim Shinyoung)
This poll started on the 22nd, but will continue on to the 28th!
Right now, more than 60% of the votes are for Joongbo xDDD!!!! YAY!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

they're winning by a mile!

Anonymous said...

COOL! I just went to vote and the Joongbo are winning!!! 69%!!

After so many months, they are still raging!! Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

no one else can win hehe ^^

Anonymous said...

Still going strong Joongbo!

Anonymous said...

After this, they really shouldn't include our Joongbo couple in polls like this and just give them some kind of Hall of Fame award. The other couples look pitiful competing with Ssangchu hehe.^____^

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see these fanvids of them I am so surprised at how even after all this time, even after starting to accept how their careers send them so far much they still make my heart leap, make me scream with delight at scenes I've already seen many times, make me feel there's no story sweeter, make me miss them so much! Really, they've gotten to be a fairly tale I know word for word and never tire of, that never stops delivering the goods on how love blooms. Aaaaiiiissshhh! Must be a lot of people feel the same way, since they're winning the WGM popularity poll by a MILE!

Anonymous said...

hee this is my first time commenting but i just wanna say i'm loving your dbsk playlist!! +D I pop by here occasionally. All my fav songs are there! Are you missing them too?
Oh oh i'm always delighted to see your changmin spazzes too (I love jae prob as much as you do cm ><)

Im going off to vote! Ssangchu and tvxq love:))))

Anonymous said...

it's already 73%.. yeayyyy!!! for ssangchu couple... and lots of thanks to you for giving a lot of information about them.. love you~~

Anonymous said...

let's vote.... i am so excited... our dear couple is really number 1 :D



Anonymous said...

Our beloved joongbo couple has won by a landslide with 73% of the vote..the other couples look pretty pathetic compared to this..i think this shows just how large and powerful the joongbo fanbase is :D so happy that after all this time so many people still love this oh so lovable couple :D they really are great!! ^_^

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; yes, yes they are xDDD

anonymous; yep! i think you can only vote once also, coz i tried to do multipl votes but i cant lol.. so those gotta be single votes from a lot of joongbo fans!!

anonymous; at this rate, i dont think so either xD

anonymous; always!!!

anonymous; lol xD that's right, they should be in the hall of fame! i thought gain & kwon would be a tough competition but we did it!!

anonymous; i feel the same way.. actually when i was watching a couple of mvs, it made me want to watch the last episode again, then the japan episode, then i just started from episode 1 and went from there xD! i never get tired of joongbo!

anonymous; hey hey hey! why is everyone anonymous? huhuhu~ I LOVE DBSK!!! i miss them... as much as i am always keeping the faith for dbsk, i am still believing in joongbo!!!

OMG DID YOU SEE THE NEW PICS FOR THE BEST SELECTION AND VIVI MAGAZINE??!! changmin looks so hot T___T he is so muscular now!! o.o
and of course your jaejoong too hehe :D

aizamia; oh no problem!! <3333

leiron; hey hey hey!!! they're always number 1!! SEGYERO!!!

bball; i think it's because no matter where you are, you'll never see a love story as beautiful as this on tv.. T____T

i really want to see them together..

Anonymous said...

attention all k-drama / variety shows producers...please, please let them be together again....
how much proof do you still want?
hey u.. all producers... you can hire (for free) JBers scriptwriters... they're the best...they can make/give you the most amazing "love story" ever... BUT... only for this awesome couple

=p said...

Love this pic of them!! Look how huge their smiles are =p

With Kim Yuna winning gold at the Olympics...I was reminded of their skating episode! Boy, I forgot how great they were together.

JoongBo jjang! said...

YEAY! our bluved ssangchu cple win!
yes! yes! pls let them b together in at least 1 show.. i miss them so much already... i hv never watch any luv movie after i watch WGM.. JB luv is d only movie i rewatch again n again 4 almost 1 year!
* i guess HJ has 2 jump another 140m high jump wif HB at d side, wishing for them 2 b together in 1 show if HJ pass~ lols~

Liz said...

Haha this is anonymous...#7 here. I'm still filled with faith for the dongbang boys, they're practically legends already but they've still got a long bright road ahead of them. Same goes for joongbo, i hope their love lasts like forever. I thought jokwon/gain were competition too, they're good for a laugh every week now, but i guess ssangchu is still jjang!^^

And YES, seeing those vivi photos was The best part of my year so far XD and changmin's body in the tokiwo tomete cover is..ohmy YUM :D