Monday, February 8, 2010

Hwangbo's English! [Star Golden Bell Cut]

They have to translate Korean sentences to English ^^

I love G.O.'s answer xDDD~~
MBLAQ had a very chic style on their debut, but seriously they lost their sanity a few weeks later xDDD

Love seeing Hwang Buin on shows like this *w*~~


Anonymous said...

GO is funny! Hwangbo seems close to MBLAQ coz she's pretty comfortable with them esp Lee Joon.

Anonymous said...

It was apparent Hwangbo and members of MBLAQ were having fun. I'm sure she is close with the members, since they are the brain children of Bi Rain. After all, she is a close friend to Rain. Was fun to see her again on a show.

Anonymous said...

Hwang Buin is smart, she proved her capability in International Marriage... =^_^=

I am totally curios, wheter Shillang will become the LUCKIEST MAN beyond so many champions on the battle field.