Friday, February 12, 2010

Kim Hyunjoong Samsung Card CF [English Subbed]

oh reallyyyyyy~~~
*evil laughs*


LvKprogram said...

OMG... he is tooooooo cute like little boy!

Anonymous said...

huahahahaha ....
Valentines Undies ;D,
Shillang you said don't like cheesy things, seems like undies is the exceptional then... :D

SH, your evil laughs inspire me
I cann't stop laughing :D.

- maidai -

Anonymous said...

OMO! He's so cute:) Looks like a little boy with the that hair kekeke

JoongBo jjang! said...

soooo cute! he's way cuter than the baby~ lols..^^
p/s: SH, thanx for ur background music..u introduce lots of good songs to me..^^