Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hwang Buin Has A Twitter Account?

She posted this on Feb 16:
Dear my every fans~
first, I'm real hwangbo!!^^
trusting me!!
I'm soooo~ happy for yours...
philippine,Thailand,Taiwan,Malaysia,japan etc... fans..XD
We are to to the worldhaha

The pics are new to me, I haven't seen them on naver/daum/cyworld, and I clicked on the people she's following and it includes noh hong chul, shim tae yoon, song euni & dj koo :D

This will be a great way for International fans to communicate with her *w* I see she replied to a lot of fans already!!!

Right now I'm crossing my fingers that this is really her, coz this is just TOO AWESOOOME!!

Thanks claire for the tip!


Anonymous said...

omg i need to make a twitter now!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

lol go go~! i'm gonna make one too xDDD

wolfpeach said...

is it true is it a verified account?! aaaah the goddess has twitter!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

SH, i hope it is true, coz i read in other blog (someone who post) that it is not our dear Buin, but i still cross my finger...

if ever someone confirmed that its really Buin then I am so happy coz finally she will know that there are millions of Joongboer really want, she and KHJL be a couple in "real life" and we love and support them FOREVER!

Joongbo Fighting!

Anonymous said...

I just made my twitter account just to follow a bit lost but its ok....since now i can see her more opten! hahahahah! Such a fangirl!

GaGa said...

I think it is really Hye Jung's account, not only the ppl she follows, but looking at Jins photo, the little Jins stand on the White chair, the same chair style that Hye Jung posted on her Cyworld!! So, I believe it's her account.

Anonymous said...

juneone0601 said...

@ SH..This is a superb news indeed...but if I could request our fellow Joongboers, with your indulgence, to refrain from asking our Buin direct Qs re the status of her relationship w/ Shillang..
1st, highly unlikely she will confirm,
2nd, to show our real love for them both, think first of respecting their private spot. In that way, we all protect them from any untoward domino effect..
Let's all unite in keeping the faith..
We all believe in the Joongbo LOVE anyway..

Thank u SH..