Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hwangbo Cuts On Finding Delicious Food [01/30/2010]

this show makes me so hungry xDDD~~


Anonymous said...

HB wore the same nekclace as HJ's hongkong fan account photo in this episode.
Check it out~ its exactly the same.


JoongBo jjang! said...

cheongmal??! but i don't understand korea... is anyone know links to dwld finding delicious with eng subbed? thx in advance...

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; really? o.o~~ *searches*

joongbo jjang; i don't know if there's any group that subs this show.. there might be a possibility that 2am subbers might sub it coz of changmin..

=p said...

You've been busy posting, huh?

I don't know if people realize how much work it takes to blog...thanks for the updates!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

you're welcome ^^~~~~ but i didn't get to post much lately though ^^;; so i make sure i spam once in a while xD

and lol if it's for joongbo, i don't really mind xDDD

homework < joongbo hahaha

Anonymous said...

look closing when HB pick up the porkleg grill with her hand and show the cam. u will see the silver round shape necklace.
wonder what it's look like go c HJ pic in HK new yr. very clear.

how come they wear the same necklace, eh. it's like a couple necklace since it's so plain.

GaGa said...

Sincha?!!! Too bad, I'm at work, I can't search now, if someone kind eoungh to do a screen shot that would be great!!!
Are they really the same necklace? is this the same one as Hye Jung wore here:

Anonymous said...

Look at the picture that HB wear red or may be kinda orange sweather..that necklace right


clear comparison

THanks to Joongboaholic thailand for the source

bigbang said...

anonymous: thank you very much, you made my day.

SSangchu Jjang!!!!


Anonymous said...


she wears it again in the recent christian TV show interview.

Credit to Joongboahoic thailand again...^ they are great.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, yes, I'm pretty sure they're wearing the same necklace,,To the world

Ssangchu Heaven said...

oooo~ *looks into links*