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Joongbo Episode 13 Quotes

Episode 13 Quotes

Alex and Shinae were being lovey-dovey and dancing on the yacht.

HB: *pretends to throw up*
HJ: *acts along with her*
Alex: Oh, hello!
Shinae: Welcome~
Alex: You can't just throw up here~ Please keep it inside your body~
HB: It's not that. I was just watching a movie but it made me throw up.
Alex: What movie?
HB: A weird movie, with people dancing.

Alex: Let's watch Hwangbo dance!
HJ: Buin do the tecktonic or technician dance!

Hyunjoong and Hwangbo starts dancing to club music.

HB: *goes to the pole*
HJ: Why are you grabbing onto that pole? *takes her hand and leads her away from it*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Aish, really~ Don't grab the pole!
HB: "Don't grab the pole"? *laughs*
*Both of them start dancing again*

As they were dancing, Hyunjoong jumped to the pole and whirled around it!

HB: Whoa! That was so cool! How did you do that?!
HJ: I go crazy whenever there's music!

Hwangbo and Shinae had a private conversation in their room.

HB: Alex has leadership skills. Hyunjoong is the leader of SS501, and I was also the leader for Chakra, but we don't have leadership skills!

Hwangbo found out that Alex brought the same shirt as her.

HB: Can you take it off?
Alex: Why?
HB: So I can give it to my husband.
Alex: For Hyunjoong? Okay~
HB: *grabs him* But my husband hates couple shirts..
Shinae: Oh that's right!
Alex: *tries to go out but Hwangbo grabs him back*
Shinae: This is your opportunity to wear couple shirts!
Alex: *throws Hwangbo to the bed*
HB: Don't give it! My husband hates couple shirts!

Alex made Hyunjoong wear the "couple shirt".

Alex: Hyunjoong-ah!
HJ: Yes?
Alex: Hwang Buin is looking for you.
Shinae: What a nice shirt~!
HJ: What's wrong?
HB: *hides behind Shinae*
HJ: What's wrong~
HB: Shillang... Please forgive me... *shows her shirt*
HJ: Was that the reason why he asked me to change?
HB: Sorry..
Alex: I was wearing that shirt when I went to their room and she had the same shirt.
HB: He was wearing it so I said "I have the same one!" Then he asked me to wear it with you.. He forced me to wear it when I said I didn't want to...
HJ: It really is the same.
Alex: For men and for women.
HJ: But it's not that bad, it doesn't look cheesy.
Alex: *claps*
HJ: At least it doesn't have a mouse.
HB: *laughs*

HJ: The stuff that you wanted.. *hands her a bunch of items*
Alex: Whoa~ you guys look great together~~!
HJ: Shower cap... disposable underwear.. Do you know how embarrassing it was to get that?

Private Interview:

HB: The good thing about him is that he is detailed. He is very blunt but then he never forgets anything.

Alex: Is this bag yours? Your phone is ringing.
HB: Omo~ Who could it be.. at this hour.. *picks up the phone*
Alex: It must be a guy...
HB: Answer it, answer it! *gives the phone to Hyunjoong*
HJ: Who's calling?
HB: Say hello.
HJ: Hello? Yes, who is this? Hello?
HB: It's my mom!
HJ: *quickly gives the phone back to her*
Alex & Hwangbo: *laughs*
HB: Mom, that was my husband. Yeah, that was Hyunjoong. *chases him*
HJ: I have adult-phobia!

Hwangbo showed Hyunjoong how Shinae was blow drying Alex's hair.

HJ: Does that look good to you?
HB: It doesn't?
HJ: It's good...
HB: I did that for you before, right?
HJ: Yeah.

Both of them sits down...

HJ: Do you want me to do your hair?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Do you want a neck massage, then?
HB: No, it's fine..
HJ: I'll do it for you.. *puts his hand on her nape* Lift your chin up... Isn't it refreshing?
HB: Yeah...
HJ: *gives her a neck massage*

Alex: You know Hwangbo... when I made you wear that shirt.. In her heart she really wants you to wear it but she kept on saying, "My husband really hates these things!"

Shinae: What things do you like about your husband?
HB: The way he seems carefree. His intelligence.
Shinae: What things do you want him to change?
HB: His useless intelligence. It's the same as the good point. That is his good and bad point.

Alex: Even at the beach... and also when we were fishing.. I see how she really cares about you.
HJ: I know she cares about me.. but since I can't express my feelings well... she thinks I don't care about her..

Alex: Honestly... I didn't expect we would be with you guys today... but I'm so grateful.
HJ: Me too, me too.
Alex: Shinae was so nice to me today... I think it's because of Hwangbo. After seeing how nicely Hwangbo treats you,.. *laughs* That's why I'm so thankful for both of you. Shinae's not like that when we're alone! I was really surprised!

Shinae and Hwangbo planned to pretend that they're fighting while the husbands went away to get food. When they came back, the wives are sitting far from each other and not talking.

HJ: What's wrong? You don't feel well?
HB: *stands up and goes to her room*
HJ: What's wrong?

Hyunjoong followed her to the room.

HJ: What's wrong? *touches her shoulder* What's wrong?
HB: This is crazy.. What should I do?
HJ: Why? What's wrong?

As the situation got bigger...

HJ: You have to tell me what's wrong so I can help you. Don't be upset about it.. If you tell me what's wrong, I can try to fix things and both of you can make up. *looks at her and smiles*
HB: That's not the problem.. *slowly smiling* It's nothing.. It's just..
HJ: If it's nothing, why can't you tell me? Why? What is it? *smiles* What is it? Tell me.
HB: I don't want you to hear it.
HJ: No, no.. I'm going to listen. *pulls up his beanie to show his ear*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: See? Laughing is good! *smiles* I'm always open. *pulls up his beanie again and points to his ear* Open ear~
HB: *laughs* I'm feeling better already..
HJ: should.

HB: Since I'm her older sister, I shouldn't be like this, right?
HJ: Not at all. You don't have to hold back just because you're older than her. *puts his hand on her shoulder* Don't hold back your feelings. If a grandfather did something wrong, the grandfather is still wrong!
HB: *laughs and elbows him*
HJ: I'm not kidding, I'm being serious right now. *laughs*
HB: *tries to hit him again*
HJ: That's better,... you smiled.

When Hwangbo went to Shinae and "apologized", Shinae cried.
As Hyunjoong and Hwangbo walks to the living room...

HB: I really hate those kinds of people..
HJ: *holds her arm*
HB: I hate those who just cry. It's done once they cried because the person who didn't cry would be the bad one.
HJ: That's not it.. It's just the difference between between someone who has more tears and have less.
HB: *smiles* I have a lot of tears too..
HJ: Hm?
HB: I have a lot of tears too..

When Shinae and Hwangbo revealed that the fight was only an act and it was because of a high five... Hyunjoong and Alex could not believe it.

HJ: So really it's not about you having less tears. It's the difference between an actress and a singer!
HB: *laughs and falls on the floor*
Alex: Did you guys lose your minds? What were you doing?
HJ: That really scared me..
Alex: I almost swore when you said high five!
Shinae: It was a success!!
HB: Ohh~~~~ *pretends to cry*
Shinae: *tears of joy*
HJ: I think I have to consider a divorce.
HB: *laughs and throws a pillow at him* How can you joke about that? *throws another pillow*
HJ: I'm just joking..
HB: Is it a joke to you?
HJ: No, of course it's not... *organizes the pillows back to the sofa* High five!!!!!
HB: *high fives him as Alex drags him away*

Private Interview:

HJ: After the prank, I think even in real situations in the future... I wouldn't know if it's real or not and I'll just end up messing up everything. I hope it doesn't happen again...

HB: In that serious atmosphere, he was acting so cute.. and I can't help but laugh. But it was really unexpected.. I didn't put my hopes high.. I didn't expect him to take my side.. But I was surprised that he stood by me.

Later that evening, they went back to the beach again for fireworks.
Hwangbo shows them the fireworks that she bought.

HB: These are enough, right? We're not going back till we finish all of these!
Shinae: Whoa!
Alex: Really?! But what's with the f-killer (mosquito spray)?
HB: Because there are so many mosquitoes.. My husband hates them..

Using her firework, Hwangbo points to the sky.

HB: *poses like a superhero* I won't forgive you in the name of justice!!!!

Hwangbo hands everyone a sparkler.

HB: You know how to do this right? You do know, right?
HJ: Should we make "L.O.V.E."?
HB: Oh! How did you know?

Hyunjoong asked Hwangbo to throw somethings away as he prepares an event on the beach. When she came back..

HJ: I.. I have a present for you. It's not something I bought but I brought it from somewhere...
HB: *laughs* From the dumpster?
HJ: No way~
HB: But didn't you just give me three presents?
HJ: I have one more last present. Can you see the line on the sand? The fine line? When you stand up..
HB: Oh I can see it, I can see it! From here to.. that's the end?
HJ: It circles around us...
HB: Oh, a circle?
HJ: In this circle, I've buried 5 things... Find them.
HB: In here?
HJ: Yeah.
HB: I have to dig it?
HJ: Yep.
HB: 5 things?
HJ: Yep~
HB: But the circle is so big...
HJ: Aigoo, yeah I think I made it too big...

Hwangbo tried to find all the things he hid on the sand. Hyunjoong also helped because he forgot where he placed them. After she found all of them...

HB: I found all of them, what's next?
HJ: Like what I mentioned before.. when you gather a thousand paper cranes, your love will come true... You found 5 today and I made you one before, but it was gone because it got wet...
HB: So then?...
HJ: Including that one..
HB: 994 cranes more.. is it?
HJ: I will make those for you..
HB: *tried to hide her face* *smiles*
HJ: *hands her the cranes* I think I'm gonna hide them in harder locations next time.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I'll be good for the next 994 days!
HB: Then you won't be nice anymore on the 995th day?
HJ: Well that's when I'll start folding paper turtles. *laughs*
HB: *laughs* Thank you..
HJ: It's nothing..

Private Interview:

HB: Like always.. a jewelry.. a ring.. I don't expect them at all. His smiles and the things he does that make me smile.. I think those are the most important and hardest things to have. I thought... If you have both of those,... why would you fight or break up?

One of my favorite episodes... ^^~~
The Joongbo love gets bigger and biggerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Missing them terribly talaga. ty for the quotes!! ahluveet! Da open ear scene is also one of the things I luv about my hubby. He's like HJ at those tyms ;)

Anonymous said...

my favorite too...miss them so muchhhhhhhhh! happy V. Day SH! thanks for continue existing! ur my sanctuary when I'm going joongbo crazy! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your quote section! keep em coming plz! I can't wait for the next ones -wedding photoshoot-

Kumawo & Happy Valentines to you, joongboers around the world and to HyunJoong and HwangBo (((I noticed the bg music change I'll be listening to them all day in my office ('_^))))

Anonymous said...

"Well that's when I'll start folding paper turtles." that's what you call cheesy HJ, cheessy!!!

like of all you, i also like this epi, another side of HJ revealed.

question: why did HJ keep on bugging HB about not touching the pole?

Black Heaven said...

i think the most cute part of the Yacht scene is that HJ remembers that the song HB played is the one HB played at japan for the breakfast. he said " Is'nt it song from breakfast?" he's so detailed and charming XD

Anonymous said...

Honestly all their parts in ep are nice... it's all cute, exciting and it make us laughed.. This ep. is one of the exciting part, but you know one of the best ep that I love is when HJ lost the paper, rock scissor game doing an aegyo... mostly when he sing a song to HB and he said "SARANGHE" WOW! honestly I jump for joy that time and he gave her a present, the paper cranes...after I watched that ep I start thinking that, when HJ said Saranghe to HB, its really came from his heart, that he is being true to himself..


tetsu girl said...

*sigh* Just reading the select quotes made me "see" the scenes in my head and smile from open ear to open ear. ^____^ I love how supportive he is in his own way. He wasn't direct like Alex, but quiet, steady, and of course, humorous to make her smile again. =) Really, one of the best episodes.

Anonymous asking about HJ pulling HB away from the pole, I think he thought it was too suggestive/racy (you know, pole dancing? -_-;), so he was like, "Why?? Don't do that!" because he's very protective and conservative when it comes to his Buin. XD

Black Heaven, I noticed and liked that part, too! I was really surprised because even when I had watched all their cuts in a row, I hadn't recognized the song from the Japan episode, yet HJ instantly recalled it from days (weeks?) before. :)

I'm looking forward to the wedding photoshoot quotes, too! Thanks for keeping the JB Love going, SH!

chanel said...

have u guys seen this CF teaser of HJL already? i dunno what exactly is this CF all about..but HJL's so effin' CUTEEE in it!!

GaGa said...

Hi SH,
To Me, I think they start to have feeling to each other during Japan Surprise visit, the "Yeobo" call is epic!
Then, the feelings grow little by little thru the wedding photos, and farm mission, but my impression is that Hyun Joong is kinda confused and don't know what to do with his feelings.

Then, the kiss from the famous Pepero Game in the Chuseok special!!!
I don't know if you are aware of this, recently I discovered there is a fan account from TVXQ fan, that TVXQ came back to Korea on Sept 14/15, 2008 (can't remember exactly), right on the day Yunho came back to Seoul, the fan account claimed that Yunho is meeting Hyun Joong alone, then later JaeJoong joined them (JaeJoong said the same thing during Come to Play). One day after their meeting, Hyun Joong was admitted to the hospital due to sleeping pills overdose (Sept 16), and the WGM fake farewell episode filming was delayed.

Before I know about this incidence, when I watched the fake farewell episode, I already observed that Hyun Joong is kinda panic/ anxious about the mission!!! His suggested penalties from Ssangchu Olympic are so not him (he doesn't like skinship, isn't he?)

Their meeting to me is a turning point for Hyun Joong!! After this, I feel that Hyun Joong is opening up to his feeling, showing the obsessive side of him, especially when he is alone with Hye Jung.

This is only a thought of mine, don't take it seriously, and don't ask me for proof.

There actually a lot of dramatic incidence happened in Joongbo, with what happened in Bangkok concert, signs given out by Hyun Joong, SS401 (especially on Young Saeng and Mal) Right now, Joongbo land is filled with Happiness!!

Anonymous said...

juneone0601 said...
Hello to SH & to ol joongboers here.
My take on as to wen is d turning pt, im pretty sure that its evn b4 d japan trip. Myb as erly as d CTP.. I rmmbr HJ was quite serious wenever he's givg out views re his ongoing 'relatnshp' w/ HB then. In d Sukira intrvw, wer they alredy shot 2 WGM eps, he intently expressd devts on his feelgs re d 'union'.
Callg out fond endearmnts, such as his 'Yeobo!' in Japan,comes out of constancy & cnt b blurtd out out of d blue,esp to us asians.

Anonymous said...

juneone0601 cont...
HJ has always been seriously consistent in regardg his marriage to HB as real sans d physical part of it.
I remembr his panic reactn on d 1st farewel..he wantd to do mor 4 Buin as time ws dwindlg, he hd also felt dat he hadnt done evrythg he cud to show his worth as a man for her..he expressd regret d vry limitd tym he ws able to spend w/her & hd it nt bec of his obligtn to BOF wc was thrown his lap,he wudnt hv left...
I can go on&on bt dnt want to holdup any1 of my nostalgia.

fudgeorange said...

Thank you so much SH for sharing this. Wonderful blog! *Sigh* I share similar sentiments... I'd like to think that this was just scripted --if only to shield me from certain emotions... they just seem to really fit well, despite the set-up, despite the seniority issue. Their looks supplement each other -- their traits both complement and supplment.. I usually believe that age does matter... but it's true, there's always exception to the rule -- they're shillang and buin.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe the end of the year is fast approaching. Wondering if our couple will be spending Xmas together?? Even though I've watched all the episodes at least five times, I'm still able to pick up quotes that I've missed in the past. Thanks for providing these quotes! Will you be continuing with the rest of the episodes? Looking forward to it!