Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Comeback Of The Joongbo Shirt!

Lookit!! 0:57 :)

Update 1:

From what I've heard, there were two Joongbo shirts given to him. :o

One was given to Youngsaeng during the last song. He ran to Hyunjoong and gave it to him. (It was their wedding photo ---the sitting one)

Then the next one was during the encore. A female backup dancer saw it on the floor and she gave it to Hyunjoong. He had the shirt on his shoulder till the end of the encore. ^^ (This one was the family pic with Jins)

Do we have Thai Joongboers to confirm this? hehehe~

Update 2:

Youngsaeng caught a bag and this had the two shirts. He ran to HJ and showed one. Because it was HJ's part of the song, YS put the shirt on HJ's shoulder. Then when he ran back to his spot, he saw there's another shirt in the bag but he placed it on the floor because it was his part of the song. Luckily, this shirt got picked up by the female backup dancer and was given to HJ as well!

Anyways, I remember the good ol' Korean Music Festival days when he caught the shirt hehe~


kotaroger said...

Hi hi!

I'm a joongbo lover from last year andI introduced one of my friends and she fell in love with them too!

We were excitedly discussing about Joongbo and I wanted to show the very cute banner you had from your previous blog layout, but i couldnt find it :(

Do you have it anywhere in the blog?


Anonymous said...

Saengsaeng sarangheyo!! the boys are really helping the joongbo love ^^

Anonymous said...

I saw the video at YT where YS smiles while running towards HJL bringing him the T-shirt! I also saw another video with HJL having a very big smile when YS showed him the shirt!!! And according to the person who watched the concert, it was a JoongBo Shirt!!!
Gosh!!! ^^* Imagine that!!! ^^*

JoongBo Fighting!!!!

Anonymous said...

"TO THE WORLD"... i am so so HAPPY, the actions of YS, we really think that their is something going on between our dear couple, we know YS personality.. this time i want to hug him from what he did.. hehehe :D


Black Heaven said...

how do you pose or do "segyero"? XD i was really curious

elisa c. said...

hello :) the backpack that saengie picked up and contained two joongbo shirts was given by triple s philippines. i know this because I watched the Persona BKK (the boys were great!) and the girls who threw the bag on stage are my friends :D the bag had two shirts, but saengie was only able to give one to hj. the other shirt that the dancer picked up and handed to hj later on is from a thai fan, from what we've heard. :)


Anonymous said...

aahh I want a Joongbo shirt. I think most of us who lurk thru Joongbo sites have been hypnotized. Captivated by Joongbo love (lol). Envious of those who were able to attend their concert. Luckyyyyyyyyy

Ssangchu Heaven said...

kota; it will be back! hopefully tomorrow! :)

anonymous; ahehehe~

anonymous; omg! i just saw the vids too! omg T___T IT'S SOOO AWESOME!!


i deleted a spam message.. i remember replying to the same message before o.o i didn't know it was a spam then o.o


leiron; omg yes! mostly it;s jungmin but now it's saeng too! *w*

black; you just point upwards xD~~ and shout "SEGYEROOOO!"

elisa; thank u thank u!! i shall post your comment on another update hihihi~

i got confused coz i seriously watched every fancam on ss501 blogs.. and i catched 2 instances where he got a joongbo shirt o.o~~

thanks 4 clearing that up!~~

anonymous; ohhh~ you know i made one a few weeks ago, and it's easy!

you can get a transfer paper at your local art store, print the photo that you like and use the transfer kit to make the shirt hihi~

mine didn't fade yet :)
there should be an official joongbo shirt we all would wear.. then make a video of joongboers around the globe with the same shirt and send it to hwangbo & hyunjoong o.o!