Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hyunjoong Photo Spam - Persona In Seoul Encore Concert

Hyunjoongie!!!! I don't think I can call you Hyunjoongie anymore because you are so manly now~~~

I heard he cried before singing green peas..

hyunjoong.. i really like this outfit on you..
*gets beaten with a leek by hwangbo* xD

he reminds me of jung kyungho with his morning mustache & camera angle :)

akanishi jin, is that you? hehe~~
(if you know jin of kattun, he always has this face when he's dancing.. or singing.. even when taking pictures... xD)

i think i saw the same necklace on hwang buin! o.o;;

if you want to remake this shirt, print out "persona in seoul" in the font bleeding cowboys (click here to download. move the file to computer + local disc + windows + fonts :)), use transfer paper and place it on a white shirt and it will be ezaketelly like theirs!

time for me to sleep! haha!


Anonymous said...

Just wondering what's behind the tears? I seen it also in a clip from the Bangkok concert. Made me sad and curious. Wish them luck in whatever they choose to do.

Anonymous said...

maybe he moved by fans' support to him.
you know after the hard time with netizens, the support had helped him to survive.
I wish those are happy tears that words cann't say.

Anonymous said...

Credit: SGtripleS fanclub -
Please repost with FULL CREDIT

"Leader felt that he had already grown up into adult,
and he is 25 years old this year and we fans are still with him

he hope all of the fans can stay with him till old,
till the day he cannot walk... (>.<)"

joongie... i will grow old with you~~~!

claire said...

silly SH, of course HB will not beat u with a leek! it's more likely a lettuce! LOL

Anonymous said...

You girls have sharp eyes for detail...I saw a bunch of clips from the Bangkok concert, but somehow missed the tears. Can you tell me how to find those clips, or maybe the time counters on them in case I'm just blind?

By the way, the Green Peas lyrics were certainly not written to honor KHJ and HwangBo, since there really seems to be a management blackout on the topic...but still, there's plenty in there to make him think of her. He was her star, after all, and she promised to be there for him 24/7. Not to mention their fun on the farm and the general significance of vegetables and green for the lettuce couple. Hmmmm.....??

Anonymous said...

give us your credit. keep Hwangbo as your wife! only 1 lover that we can give you bless.