Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Idol Awards On Elle Magazine

Credit: SS601 + (Chinese translation) tkdska@www.hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com

This is an article shared by a Korean TS when she was at the saloon. While flipping through the magazine, she found some comments about idols. Among them there's SS501, so she used her handphone to record down the words, but she didn't take the pictures, according to her, there's a photograph of Hyun Joong in 'Boys over Flowers'.

The followings are the portion of oppa-deul's questions and answers.

(Pg 198-201)

4) Member with most terrific body

Kim Hyun Joong

- Sometime when look at the actual look of the boy group member, you will feel disappoint. Kim Hyun Joong would definitely won't let you disappointed. Tall build, small face, not too skinny and not too strong like a bull. Even when standing beside all the wild weeds beside Han river, Kim Hyun Joong let people feel like he is standing beside an European style garden. [Kim Bo Mi - "Elle" Feature Editor]

5) Most charming face

Kim Hyun Joong

- Most of the time when singers went to film drama, when comparing to professional actors, their outlook might be inferior. However, Kim Hyun Joong in 'Boys over Flowers' is definitely not worst than Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho who are originally actors. It is very difficult to find such a charming idol singer like him. [Park Ji Ho - "Arena" Feature Director]

- Kim Hyun Joong has a face, charm, beauty which could capture the Asia market, just like a comic main character, he is a born idol. [Jo Min Ki - '꽃미남애호' (Flowery Pretty Boy Hobby) Columnist]

- Impeccably charming face, his pure and sunny look made him endearing to people. [Lua - Illustrator]

7) Most anticipated star when releasing solo album

Kim Hyun Joong
- Dedicated when performing on stage, his thoughts surprised most when off-stage, he is simply adorable. If he could release a solo album, it would definitely generate high sales. [Kim Eun Ju - 제일기획 Copywriter]

9) Group which I think is most perfect

- DBSK's Hero Jae Joong and Micky Yu Cheon, BigBang's Top, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, when 4 of them group together, it is definitely be the most outstanding F4 among all artists! [Jo Min Ki - '꽃미남애호' (Flowery Pretty Boy Hobby) Columnist]

- Bigbang's Top, 2pm's Taec Yeon, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, Shinne's Jong Hyun. All have their strong point and all able to show their ability, they will make a high potential group. [Kim Bo Mi - "Elle" Feature Editor]

-SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, 2PM's Nichkun, SJ's Hae Chul, they can form a 4D group. [Lee Ming Yeong - Internet Writer]


JoongBo jjang! said...

DBSK's Hero Jae Joong and Micky Yu Cheon, BigBang's Top, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong
lol~this is something! they'll definitely hit the asian market, even the western market would b possible to them!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! they are all best of friends! hyun joong really have an F4 in real life! =) yah, this would be the best group ever!!!

- sheryl

Ssangchu Heaven said...

joongbo jjang; it's also a plus that the 4 are buddies in real life *w*~~

i like how their status in the groups is for charisma but they have the goofiest personalities LOL!

sheryl; i know~~~ they can make a temp band or something.. a special album? haha

but then i want dbsk to stay as dbsk, bb as bb and ss501 as ss501 xDD~~ hmm i dunno..

you know what i think the best would be a "special stage" so that the fans won't get worried and the mania fans would be happy xDDD

JoongBo jjang! said...

yeah...they r all very close indeed... they'll definitely bcome the goofiest group..lols~
but still, its better for them to stay just the way they r wif their own group...i would be sad if even 1 of the groups disband (don't wanna think bout it)...
but its ok if they could sing together on a stage (like HJ did wif top).... they'll be the perfect F4...^^