Monday, March 15, 2010

Dongwan-Hwangbo-Eric-Hyunjoong-Junjin Dream I Had

Guys, I just want to share to you my short dream!!!! It was like really short!

On the day that Dongwan returned from his army duties, I was standing on the sideline holding a "Welcome back" banner for him! Beside me was my school counselor. o.o Then I was like, "I didn't know you know Shinhwa!" and then she replied, "I'm a Dongwan-Hwangbo fan." She told me that Dongwan posted on his minihompy that today he will greet his future wife and another Dongboer told me that it was Hwang Buin he was talking about!

I was confused... because my heart was screaming Joongbo, but I liked any Shinhwa member to be with Hwangbo. So then I held out my phone and played Hwang Buin's song. Then my phone went dit dit dit and it was like a radar that pointed to Hwangbo! lol She was inside the red car from their wgm honeymoon episode. Someone yelled, "Hwangbo's here!!! Hwangbo's here!" At the same time, Dongwan was walking out and everyone started screaming louder. It was like a slow motion thing when Dongwan went straight to Hwangbo. omg. My heart was beating so fast, I wanted to scream but I had no voice. I wanted to run but my feet were frozen to the ground. I was about to cry but someone yelled "Kim Hyunjoong!!! Come back here!"

Everyone stopped screaming. Hyunjoong walked calmly to Hwangbo and Dongwan even if his manager was stopping him. The manager kept telling him, "Let's stop this Hyunjoong, let's stop this. This is crazy.."

Hyunjoong wasn't listening to him though. He gave a small bow to Hwangbo and said, "Nuna.." softly. (I dunno why I can hear it but imagine it like a shot like in the movie??? like close up? O.O) Anyways, he gave Dongwan a hug and smiled, "Hyung, welcome back." Dongwan asked him, "Eric and Junjin with you?" Hyunjoong replied, "Yes they are." Then Dongwan patted his back and was like, "Then let's all talk. Hwangbo, we'll settle this once and for all."

And that's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It ended right there!! DDD:
It was the craziest, most real dream I've ever had.. Their expressions, the way Hyunjoong greeted Hwangbo... omg... It's weird how I know and still feel how loudly my heart was thumping when I woke up. It was just.. It was just super crazy how everyone was there!

oh, and for those who don't know, Hwangbo is very close with all of the Shinhwa members.. I know a lot of you guys know already, that before Joongbo came along, I matched Hwangbo with every Shinhwa member xD


andy & hwangbo
(they always play go stop xD)

minwoo & hwangbo
(always bicker, always end up as a couple on xman xD)

junjin & hwangbo
(really close that they can go wherever: movies, cofee shops without causing rumors/scandals)

eric & hwangbo
ohh eric.. i love you *w*

dongwan & hwangbo
(dongwan said that he will only participate in WGM if he's with hwangbo :o)

edit;; whoopsie i forgot hyesung!
he's not much of a picture person...xD sorry hyesungie!

what does all of this mean?


Anonymous said...

YAY! SH, what a dream it was???!!! HB for sure will be confused, those Great Guys are dying to be with her, but honestly "I love it" and while I'm reading it I feel so excited, hehehe...

So who's the lucky guy will our Buin end up?? make it sure it's our dear SHILLANG okay hhhmmmm.. hhmmmm :))

Joongbo Forever!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

i know omggggg im dyinggg!!! i wanted to know how it ended too.. because now, since i have no idea what happened next, i'm imagining so many things!

Anonymous said...

oh SH, you are sooo cute!

i love Shinhwa too to the point, that mostly im undecided who i love the most out of those six adorable dork! hey you forgot to include hyesung here, although i dont think they interact that much on tv.

but, it's JoongBo forever!

Anonymous said...

SH, you were so lucky dreamed so many beautiful people in one dream.
what a very nice dream ;)

Joongbo 4evah !!!!

sarangyo said...

bwa hahaha!! i wish i could dream like that....the virus really hit you hard!1 Fighting!! Segyero!

Anonymous said...

omo~~what a nice dream is that.if only it end they way we want it to..hehe..
i guess,like sarangyo their virus really hit u hard!
when u dream again,make sure it is a happy ending for us..hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

wow it amazing ur dream, that is, i never have a dream w/ any stars in it, i wonder how i can lol but i don't dream often actually....and im a big fan of shinwa too love htem they're just so cute together BUT a diehard fan of JOONGBO xD, btw, in shinhwa junjin is most closest to hwangbo right? same year u know... hehe :)

=p said...

You really need to stop posting beautiful pictures of Hwangbo up. I don't want to be working out on my spring break ;P

She does look good with anyone tho. I prefer her with kj of course but any of the shinhwa guys would do!!!

GaGa said...

It feels like the Future you are dreaming, just yesterday, in AllKpop, there is an article listed all the male celebrities going to be release from army this year. Eric and Dongwan are going to be released on October, so, I felt like your are dreaming the Future on October?!!! I can't wait!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; i love junjin, eric, dongwan hahaha! actually i lvoe them all as well xDDD~

anonymous; most of the time i don;t remember my dreams, but i think it's because they are all ebautiful people it stayed xD

sarangyo; lol yeah! i need serious medicine!!!

anonymous; i wish the end would be a joongbo wedding muahahaha!

anonymous; somewhere in this blog i posted about jinbo haha xD~~ but yep she's closest with junjin ^^

i dunno, i think it's because i heard about the news that eric & dongwan are coming back.. and i saw my counselor earlier that day. dreams are kinda connected to your real life right? ;) maybe you just dont rememebr them! :o~~

oh and i have a dreamcatcher.. u should get one it might help hehe!~~

=p; if i dont post anything then i'll be the one working out lol!!! but then i can't.. since i paid for that class ;___; *sigh*

i think she looks good with any guy haha! she makes the guy look better in my eyes xDDD

nadene said...

you know what, you should write a fanfic of hwangbo and shinhwa plus hyunjoong, it bet it'd be a BIG HIT among joongboers...

but yeah, i always thought i'd love to see dongwan with hwangbo or eric and hwangbo or junjin and hwangbo or andy and hwangbo (but i did like andy for solbi...)

tsk tsk tsk, our hyunjoong is up against so many boys...

but i'm serious about the fanfic suggestion...

Anonymous said...

waah! the beginning of your post I thought it was real. I was like, ugh? No!! I had to skip ahead to see it was a dream, wheww! I think you had most of us at the beginning about to have a heart attack lol. "O" love Shinhwa also. Poor Shillang, sometimes I feel sorry for him, bet he never rests, always on the look out for potential suitors, especially if they're really secret dating (like I wish). Can't say "she's mine" just watches and ready to ponce (lol)like the tiger that he is, hehehe........

Anonymous said...

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angie9705 said...

oh my god... for a moment there I keep thinking it was for real. I Love Hwang bo and Shinhwa forever. I miss my six men and their dorkiness....

I'm a big fan of Dong-Bo also....

HendyasDitra said...

HwangBo is so lucky...those Shinhwa's guys admire her so much...
but how is 'bout our Shillang..? are they still contact each other...?
The other day, I watched Hwang Bo at Golden Bell Star Challenge - KBS. She still has her charisma, the same laugh just like on WGM. I think I miss the Ssangchu's couple a lot.
Miss them..!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

nadene; i don't think i have skills to make a fanfic ;__; if awesome fanfic writers on soompi/baidu/daum would continue my dream that would be good though haha!

anonymous; xDDD suri! so can you imagine when i had it in this wide picture? like i was really in there? it was the best dream ever lol!

angie; they will be back in 2012 i believe? i miss shinhwa too ;___;

hendyasditra; if i was a guy i would love to hang out with her too!

you know whenever i watch new shows with them, i see that hwangbo looks happy (which is bad coz she sometimes pretends she's happy), but hyunjoong became very quiet which worries me sometimes (since he can;t really hide what he's feeling) you know what i mean?

100% Jade said...

Wow, I've never found these pictures. Duh, Shinhwa guys are all close with Hwangbo, I should've known. HAHA. It's super cute that you put their pictures here. ^^