Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Let's Join Forces For Joongbo One More Time!

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of posts again.. It's midterm week and I've been trying to prepare for it recently ^^;;


Great news! Joongboers were able to close the big gap of 1000 votes from Kwon-Gain couple to only 200 votes! Joongbo is currently second on the mydaily poll but we're getting there!

Also, Joongbo is still going strong as 1st place on the daum poll! From 45% this morning, the voting percentage went up to a whopping 70%!

We are only allowed to vote once, so every joongboer's vote counts on these polls :)
Please do participate, neh? ^^

There's another poll for WGM here!
There's actually two polls currently running!!!

(joongbo's second now woohooo!)
(joongbo's leading with 45% of the votes woohoo!)

So if you've voted on the My Daily News one, please vote for Joongbo on the Daum poll also ^^

for both polls you need to be a registered user at daum, so forgive my amateur tutorial lol
[this would be very useful if you wish to view/join cafes ^.~]

let's get started!

firstly, click here :)

(you can click on the image to have a super huge one)

Here's how to vote! (I forgot to include it xD)

Again click on this link to the poll page:

Then the first couple, 황보-김현중 is our Ssangchu Couple!


On the second poll, it requires you to be a registered daum member so click on the daum poll page:

Click on the box with Hyunjoong & Hwang Buin's picture and click the blue box :D

That's it :D
(I know it's a lot to click.... ^^;;;)
We can do this!!

Thank jellybelly for the heads up!!!!


Anonymous said...

There's another site to vote:

Anonymous said...

There's another site to vote;

Anonymous said...

Sorry, above one is not working.
have to click this.

then click to
HB, HJ photo, then you can get in to this vote poll. First you have to be a member of this site.

Anonymous said...

good luck with your midterm :D
fighting :D

Anonymous said...

Thank U for your detailed info.
Hi My dear friends....Please vote for our our Ssangchu Couple! ....
Fighting!!!!JOONGBO Power >>>

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

i votED!!!!
lalalala....kekeke...TQ for the instruction!! gud luck with eXAMs!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous 1, 2 & 3; thanks for the info~~ i'll inlucde it :D

there's so many polls today :o~~~
must vote immediately!

anonymous; thankies!!! i'll try my best hehe

anonymous; hehe, good thing you understood it, i was worried no one can get how i labeled the steps o.o

untouchable; WOOT *high fives*
no problem and thank you so much!!

LvKprogram said...

Anything for Ssangchu Couple. I VOTED!

Anonymous said...

Hi SH..I wish all the joongboers will kept on voting, I saw that our dear couple is really in # 1 spot with a 72.3% vote....


Anonymous said...

Is this the same poll? They are 2nd in this one and more people are voting here

Anonymous said...

I sometimes think I'm hopelessly obsessed with this couple. I don't even speak korean yet I am logged on to daum this very moment voting for them as favorite couple. Why else would I subject myself to this if I am not infatuated with SSANGCHU. Please continue voting guys...even if these polls are insignificant to some, its a constant reminder that time doesn't change our moral support and loyalty to Joongbo...

Ssangchu Heaven said...

lvk; woohooo!!~~

leiron; yes on daum the gap is very big!! joongbo's winning by a mile haha!

we can only vote once so every vote from a joongboer counts :)

anonymous; yes, there are two polls currently running, but they are not the same. ^^

anonymous; you make a great point right there ^^

my sister, an alshin fan told me today how great joongboers are you know? :) she said that any big fanbase wouldn't reach its numbers and maintain that count if people don't believe in them.

i love polls because whenever i think about it, polls like this only shows how many still believe in joongbo ^^ polls like this shows how strong their love story affected the masses and still affecting them. polls like this greatly shows how even if it's been over a year since their last episode, even if there has been new couples, viewers still know that joongbo had the most sincere and heartwarming marriage, and is without a doubt wgm's best couple. :)

ati said...

what are the polls about? i'm curious.

Anonymous said...

The polls are about wgm's best couple ;]

Anonymous said...

How do you log into Daum if you don't speak Anonymous above says she/he has done? The whole website is in Korean script which I can't read and of course can't type. I tried to vote 'cause you showed the Korean characters to pick, but it wouldn't accept my vote until I logged in, so I had to abandon the effort....grrrr.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

ati; they're wgm's best couple ^^

anonymous; thank you hehe!

anonymous; did you mean you don't have a korean script installed in your computer? or there's no instructions on how to register? o.o~~

i have a tutorial on how to register here:

as for the korean script, i think there are some downloadables from microsoft and apple :)

feel free to tell me if there are problems along the way ^^

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

tO the wORLd!!!!
i believe!!! yeHAAAAaaaa...
obsessed!!! lalalala....
wOOOhhooo.....keep on believing joongbOers!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have voted 5 times for them. Never in my life have ever doing such thing... How I love Ssangchu Couple... Everyone, fighting!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

untouchable; xDDD~~~ can you believe their last episode was in 2008 if they have supporters as big or even bigger than the new couples?

anonymous; whoa you did? i thought an account can only vote once o.o~~ i wonder if it's day by day basis o.o~~

let me vote again then hehehe!

Anonymous said...

I have used more than one account to vote for them... today seems like they are leading already...hahaha