Saturday, March 27, 2010

Soccer Youth Kim Hyunjoong In The Eyes Of His Friend

Chinese Translation: Ýåìà@TripleSTW
English Translation: SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun

F4 Kim Hyun Joong hyeong nim imnida. Kekeke
(Note: The blogger that wrote this diary addressed Hyun Joong as hyeong nim. 'Hyeong' is used for a male calling another male elder than him, i.e. elder brother. 'Nim' is the highest honorific form to address somebody you really respect or someone you are very closed to, so the person writing is a male and probably he is a closed friend of Hyun Joong wor... not a girl ^^)

In the photo is Hyun Joong hyeong nim who just woke up early in the morning, haven't washed his face,
and driving his porshe to Apgu-jung. keke
He loves to exercise, keke
Especially soccer, keke
He said from now on will always come out to play, too bad I am going to be enlisted soon. keke
Also, he is wearing his very precious new soccer shoes which he will only wear when playing soccer. Keke
Just that everytime when finished playing soccer and driving, he always forgotten to take off the new shoes. kekeke


Anonymous said...

Do males usually use 'ke ke ke'? lol

Anyway, HJ must really love soccer, he didn't even wash his face. lol. Exercise is good for the skin anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

What!? Up early in the morning??? I hope this means HJ is healthier, happier! I would never have thought he would give up his beloved sleep for early morning soccer...hehehe.