Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hyunjoong Is The Most Ideal Son In Law

Source: SS601
Translations: julieann@HJC +

KARA's members Han Seung-yeon and Kang Ji-young's fathers have chosen SS501 Kim Hyun Joong as best son-in-law, this has attracted (much) attention.

KARA member Han Seung-yeon and Kang Ji-young's fathers have attended the recording of variety programme to be broadcasted on 28th "MBC My Father".

When the hosts asked "If you were to choose a male idol star as your ideal son-in-law?", both of them picked Kim Hyun Joong. Han Seung-yeon's father quoted an example like SHINee isn't a bad choice too, while Kang Ji-young's father mentioned "Handsome men will be better", that was why he picked SS501 Kim Hyun-joong, and Super Junior's Choi Si-won.

Han Seung-yeon's father also pinpointed out in the programme that, "If I don't have a specific target, I will not marry off my daughter that easily." On that recording day, both fathers even daringly performed the classic act of their daughters' "butt dance", and KARA's new work was also released on that day.


LvKprogram said...

Well...I beg to differ with ideal son in-law. look is not everything. To me... core value, integrity, faith in God and compassion for those unfortunate. This is my ideal son in-law for my daughter.

Anonymous said...

a bunch of ajusshi's doing the butt dance sounds hilarious~!