Monday, March 15, 2010

Samsung Credit Card 'Dreams Come True Why Not?' Event - Dinner with Kim Hyun Joong

Credit: + (Chinese translation) ”ÜäŸ @ + (English translation)

Do I have the honour to eat together with 'flower boy' Kim Hyun Joong? Starting from 16 to 30 March, target to the country wide citizen, Samsung Credit Card will be holding an event 'Dreams come true Why Not?

Within the event period, customer who can give the reason why they want to date with Samsung Credit Card spokesperson and is selected, can savour a sumptuous dinner together with Samsung Credit Card advertisement model Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang JungEum. For customer who wish to fulfill their dream to travel, Samsung Credit Card will also provide free travel expenses. The main theme of the activity is to help Samsung Credit Card customer to fulfill any of their dreams.

In order to celebrate Samsung's 22th Anniversary, 22 customers will be selected in this event, out of these, 10 selected customers can list the dream which they definitely wanted to fulfill, Samsung Credit Card will provide all monetary and related supports. The other 12 customers will receive the most highest class treatment from selected merchants prepared by Samsung Credit Card.

I just saw this photo yesterday on daum!!!!!~~~ He's wearing a star (starfish??) earring which reminded me of the earrings Hwangbo wore on WGM *w* (..and the fact that he is a star ahehehe~!)

I ordered a pair of the flower and star earrings Buin had and now I'm find this one too xDDD