Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sweet Potato + Joongbo Connection!

Hi guys! Have you been watching We Got Married?

Sheryl sent me an email that Yonghwa of the Sweet Potato couple sang Falling Slowly!
So I immediately used all my clubbox points to download the episode o.o~~

I watched WGM again because of Jo Kwon and Gain, but now I'm really liking this couple!

They were awkward at first, but Yonghwa's really... how do I say this.. he's very chill! lol! I really like that :) (and *ahem* Shinwoo of You're Beautiful... *ahem*) Seohyun is my favorite in SNSD so I know how she's not as open as the other soshi members but very intelligent and weird! xD They're like Hwang Buin & Hyunjoong, right? But Hwangbo is the chill one and Hyunjoong is 4D xD

[Hyunjoong serenades Hwangbo ^^~~]

I just watched episode 2 and they did stage missions.. Yonghwa & Seohyun made hand gestures that showed off their couple rings! Remember when Hwangbo had to do those silly moves for HJ also? (Manager for A Day)

Anyways the epsiode 3 preview was of them at the amusement park!!!
Which again reminded me of this silly couple right here... xD

Totally miss them... T___T
To The World!

[Thank you Sheryl for the tip :DDD~]


Anonymous said...

hi sh!

thanks thanks! i thought you didn't receive my email or you just ignored it? hehe! yeah, the sweet potato couple totally reminds me of our sangcho couple. i think every sweet potato episodes, make us remember of our ssangcho couple! right? hehehe! i like this new couple also.. =)

- sheryl

Anonymous said...

HI! SH, I also watched the first ep of this couple and its really surprised me to see that Yonghwa sing that song but only the mid part, I think this couple looks cute..

but I still love KHJL version coz he really sing that song coming from his heart just for HB and I also feel that it is also with full of love and sincerity... oh my, I miss them so much :(


tracy ;D said...

Hey! btw, i think falling slowly is so damn overused in WGM. hahaha not that i hate the song. but i felt it is a joongbo song you know? i remember watching jokwon and ga in singing falling slowly on their first few episodes, now yonghwa also sang it to seohyun. its like kinda stolen or something. or maybe the script writers and pd got no other ideas but to use kid groom's ingenious ideas HAAHAH. i love these couples no matter what! they are totally my favs! :D

Anonymous said...

hi! im sorry but i am new here. may i know what the meaning of PD? tnx!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

sheryl; herrroo!! and nuuu! i don't ignore emails :o (i'm kinda late on replying to them but i do read emails ^^ sorry it took this long ;__;)

im totally with you on that one.. they remind me of joongbo xD

leiron; not being bias or anything, but i love hyunjoong's version more as well!~ :) the setting, his intention, just everything about it was so sincere and you know.. it was so sweet.. add that to the "mature", his "i love you" and the paper cranes.. it was just too perfect.. *w*

tracy; hehehe! for me, falling slowly instantly connects to joongbo xD but then again the song is so popular in korea! there's been a lot of covers for it outside wgm also :)

i agree on the pds liking it so much xDDD it creates a very mellow atmosphere!! like you must be in love to sing that song you know what i mean?

anonymous; pd means production director hehehe~

Anonymous said...

I terribly miss JoongBo!! I love them.

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

me tooo!!!! i miss them badly
tsk..tsk..tsk..TT_TT the worLD!!!
and i stiLL believe!!!!!!

GaGa said...

No matter how many times other couples sang Falling Slowly, this song belongs to Joongbo in my heart!!

I even listened to HJ's Falling Slowly before the original version.

Anonymous said...

Falling Slowly, uhmm, I don't think, but I know it belongs to the Joongbo couple. Although, other WGM couple are entitled to use that song, but come on, the song has......... J O O N G B O written all over it.

Anonymous said...

When I hear Falling Slowly it only reminds me of Joongbo NOTHING ELSE (in WGM). I'm sorry but it's kind of irritates me when other couple used/sing this song (I'm sorry to the other couple's fans). Can't the PD and othe staff of WGM think of other song? They just remind the viewers of the SSangchu couple everytime they used that song. But then again NOTHING BEATS THE ORIGINAL AND SHILLANG'S SINCERITY WHEN HE SANG THAT SONG...

Anonymous said...

Maybe the PD was so touched and overwhelm by the audience feedback with the first Falling Slowly performance of HJ. Most probably the PD suggested the new couples to serenade their wife with the same song. But they can't beat our couple no matter what. Hehe being so bias mianhe.....

jellybelly said...


Click the first choice, then first button! Can vote 3 times i think, just have to refresh and vote again!

We are falling back!!
Comeon people! Let us spread the Joongbo-ers love! :)

Anonymous said...

I can not vote!((((
I wish I could!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ssangchu Heaven...I have a question for you! Watching these clips again brings up something I thought was really strange about their last evening on Jeju...something I've never been able to figure out. He puts on the tux, because she had dressed up for him on their first date, and we see Buin fixing his tie while he tells her he really does need a wife. And then....bang!...the next thing we see is the two of them in casual clothes at bedtime, apparently, and the whole "star for Buin" thing. What happened in between!??? What happened to the tux? No going out? No staying in? No dinner? What were they doing for those hours? I wondered....was the tux really for some other event his management had him doing that night while she dressed him up and sent him out on an event that we weren't supposed to know about? Or did the show actually allow them to have a private farewell dinner? (that seems impossible). Or did they have a final dinner and their farewell feelings showed too much and management demanded the footage be left out to keep the antis quiet and the idol image untouched? What do you think, Ssangchu Heaven? Any inside info, or any speculation? This missing chunk has always stuck in my mind, and I'd love to know if other people noticed this, and if you have any opinion.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; me too.. i miss them so much!!

untouchable; hey you~~~! and yep i still believe!!!! SEGYERO!!

gaga; me too xD i watched the movie once after it also hehe

anonymous; AGREE 100%!!! that date in the farm was really so memorable

anonymous; PDs might be addicted to the song xDDD

anonymous; i think it's also because of the song's power and the couples can really relate to that feeling.. but now most of the time it's sung at the beginning of their "wedding"

what i liked about HJ's falling slowly is that it was at the middle of their marriage, when we started to see that they really are falling slowly ^^

jellybelly; thank you for the information!!!!!! AJA AJA!!!

anonymous; it requires you to have a daum account.. i posted a tutorial for it hihi~ it's not very good but i think it can be used xD

anonymous; OH YES!!!! you haveeee to see these set of pictures!

you'd be surprised why he wore that tux :)

Anonymous said...

i was reading comments and i stumbled upon the comment posted before ssangchu heaven's. i, too, was curious what exactly happened between takes and so i went to the link ssanchu has written down above (bbq photos)and someone commented that the reason the scene was never shown is because shillang confessed and hwangbuin refused. i wonder really if that's true. unfortunately, we'll never know, can we? oh, if we only had connections inside wgm - particularly staffs designated to joongbo couple. haha. i miss them too. and oh yeah, this is completely off-topic but has anyone here seen junjin's guesting in family outing (season 1, episode 9)? he was wearing the same shirt hwangbo wore in wgm and consequently, hyun joong (well, after being tricked by alex). i just noticed it. - charmed

charmed said...

and oh yeah, like everyone else here, i dislike the fact that the song is being over-used. and YES, it has joongbo written all over it. i think the pairing of yong hwa and seo hyun is interesting and i like them both. but i just find it so off when they keep using the same song. the song feels worn out already to the point that it feels like the sincerity and depth of the song is lost in the process. haha, see how emotional i can get when it comes to our joongbo song. LOL. k, this is just an indication of how much i long to see them together again on screen. any chance it would be happening soon? sigh... - charmed (sorry sh, for the monologue. i'll restrain myself next time. *_*) -charmed

Ssangchu Heaven said...

charmed; don't worry.. i don't think it's true.. they didn't show the bbq scene but they did show what happened after, right? I think EINSTEIN HYUNJOONG & I-WANT-A-STAR HWANGBO explains the situation perfectly xDDD~

and oh i saw that episode!!! i remember the jinboer inside me leaping xDDD and omg! feel free to write as long as you want! i love reading messages like this~~!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ssangchu Heaven....aahh!!! You are the BEST!! Thanks so much for your answer to my question about what happened that last Jeju night! Wow, great photos. Shillang barbecuing in his tux is so innocent and sincere and adorable. Crazy making that we'll never know why they didn't air this. For absolute sure its not because it was dull, but because something happened that they just couldn't let out. Maybe it was a love confession (Idol no-no! Lookout antis! Management in freak-out mode!). Maybe there was a refusal, but considering how obviously she was "seeing him as a man" and how tenderly she pulled back his Einstein hair next morning and how she couldn't stop crying later...I think a turn down would have been more of a side-step due to her anxiety, and he would have seen through that in a minute. After all, he did say later that she wasn't as strong as she tried to look and he just wanted her to have confidence to show her real feelings. Well....we'll never know. But clearly only something too strong for the airwaves happened, and it got left out. heart!

Frankly, having heard the stories of how brutally management has kept other young talent under control, for my makes sense that the two were so painfully cold together at the awards ceremony. They both looked completely stressed out and unhappy, and even then I just felt sure management had put a sword to his throat. And why wouldn't they let it be more natural and relaxed a meeting unless they were really afraid that any contact would stoke a smoking fire. That's my opinion.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

why are you keeping your name anonymous? ahehehe~~ well my name is still anonymous so i shouldn't say that o.o;;

in the korean entertainment industry, it's really hard to be in a relationship... and it's not just for idols. even the ceo of yg entertainment kept his 9 year relationship recently. he just revealed it because they are now tying the knot!! isn't that crazy??

for the longest time that i've been really into kmusic industry, i realized that a good majority really do see entertainers just as entertainers. of course i can't generalize but you can see it anywhere that when artists reveal that they're in a relationship, gossiped to be in a relationship, or even gotten close to someone and seemed to be in a relationship, you gain antis or even see the decrease in your fanbase through naver/daum fanclubs. that number is very,very important. and they have to maintain that by you know, being single and pretty much be "married" to your fans.

your sherlock holme-ing was so interesting xDDD~~~ you really did annalyze every aspect of it!! :o

for me i saw it as simply a date that hyunjoong really wanted to have to reclaim his title as the "shillang" of the marriage. the tux for me symbolized that he's different from the kid he was on their first ssangchu date. he wanted to show hwang buin that he matured, and without a doubt hwang buin was a part of that transformation :)

i wish i saw that last date though *sigh* maybe they will air those deleted scenes and inform us once and for all xD

Anonymous said...


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