Thursday, March 25, 2010

More Unseen 100th Day Photos Of Joongbo!

i feel like crying... of happiness of course! xD~~~

Last March 22nd, new photos on Joongbo's 100th Day photoshoot were revealed!!!

Yoon Jinhee, the staff at Wongku & Noblesse, & Weddingstyle
OMG Thank you so much T___T
I have two terrible midterms today but that's alright
It's okay.. i kinda feel like I'm gonna ace it xDDD lol!

I just screencapped these but go to W&N link and you can see really HQ ssangchuness!!


buin i wanna read too~~

omg someone make me a banner with this? xD~~



take her away hyunjoong!~

i wonder where the colored picture is at? :o

I think they are spamming their site with new photos ever since they had a big publicity on Shoo's wedding photoshoot :o



Anonymous said...

i wish they aired the shooting of the first three photos! why wgm why?

charmed said...

same here. wish they aired it. i wonder what went on behind the scene. soooo interesting!!!! dying to find out. - charmed

btw, thanks sh for the updates! i would not have seen those pictures otherwise, if it were not for your blog. as always, you are a heaven-sent angel to us joongbooers.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, good luck with your midterms! :) may you pass it with flying colors. -charmed

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I'm confused. Were the first three pics taken while they were making wgm or just recently (on March 22nd)?
Thanks 4 sharing!!
Gud luck with testing *eat more lecture may b helpful jk*

Lisa said...

awwwwwww so awesome!!!!!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; i feel the same way.. T__T i wanna see clips too!

charmed; no problem ^^;;; thank you so much *w*~~ oh, you should also check out soompi and the other links on the link section you will see all kinds of updates hehehe~

lol i just finished my last one, and i think i did good!

anonymous; they were taken on their 100th day photoshoot ^^ but it was only revealed this year! :o

lol at your pun! xDDD i just got it xDDD~~

lisa; we should make a petition to see every joongbo photo haha!

Anonymous said... these photo's, they look so natural with one another. A thought just came to my crazy mind. If they really do get married, they won't need to take wedding photos, kekeke......

ryuuen said...

hearts!! =D

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I love it.. great photos, I really miss them so much :(

SH, a very big thanks.. i want to hug and kiss you coz of this best updates hehehe :))) btw good luck with your exams.. fighting!!


charmed said...

btw, sh, i wonder is wonkyu and noblesse or weddingstyle the name of the studio responsible for the beautiful pics of our fave couple? i'd loooove to have my wedding photos taken by them as well, although that would take a decade at least to happen. haha. lol. (not just that, not to mention, a hefty sum of savings!) - charmed :)

Anonymous said...

awww i miss them so so sosososoosos much now!

Anonymous said...

omo! HQ pics! *saving these while grinning ear to ear!*

the second pic is love..

the 9th pic, although HJ would consider racy, shows HB's beautiful legs, sexy legs!

i miss joongbo *sniff sniff*

Anonymous said...

Oh my godddd!!!
Mizz them soo much!!!
Thank u 4 posting those photos..

HendyasDitra said...

I miss them a lot...
Wish they can be on the same scene again.....
Aisshhhhh...they're really breakin' my heart a part.....
Thank you so much for those lovely photos...

y said...

miss them so much....please keep on going...luv u shilang luv u buin luv u all