Monday, March 22, 2010

Worldwide Postcard Project For Joongbo's 2nd Anniversary!

Their second anniversary is sooo near! Can you believe it's been two years?

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(j_girl & justdancenow, thank you so so so soooo much for starting this! ♥)
JoongBo 2nd Anniversary worldwide postcard project

Find 2 postcards (either the same or different) that you feel best represent your country/ city/ state/ town/ province. It would also be nice if it states the actual location but if it's just a picture it should be fine since the postage will already note the origin.

On the back of the card:

Date the postcard "2010-04-29" (the date of their Anniversary)

write/ stick/ copy/ paste/ trace "세계로!" and make it the main focus. We understand that most people don't know how to write in hangul (myself included) but please try your best and find a way to copy or trace it on to the postcard..if you really can't do it then the easiest solution would be to copy and paste it in a document, cut it out and glue/ tape it to the post card..just make sure it's secure as it can get damaged or ripped in transit.

You can then leave the postcard as is or write your own messages/ wishes (in hangul, english, your own language), add stickers, draw little hearts, dogs, cats..ANYTHING YOU WANT UNTIL YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!!

(optional) So that they can match which postcards came from the same sender, sign the card with your first name, last initial and Julie P, USA
Or put the same sticker, drawing on both postcards.

We ask that each person mail their own postcard to both HJ and HB. The ideal arrival time is from April 26 - 29. If you're unsure of when to mail it out please email and we'll help you with that. Please also make sure you have the correct amount for postage.

#301. 11-40 Chungdam-dong, Kangnam-gu.
Seoul 135-100. South Korea

황보혜정 심티컴퍼니
서울시 강남구 청담동 11-40 301호
우편번호135-100, South Korea

Kim Hyun Joong
DSPmedia Entertainment
3/F, Sin Sung Building,
58-8 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu,
Seoul 137-040. South Korea

김현중 DSP미디어
서울시 서초구 반포동 58-8 신성빌딩 3층
우편번호137-040, South Korea

*if possible we would like you to use the Hangul address as it’ll be easier for the Korean postal service to deliver (similar to 세계로 you can cut a print out and paste it to the card) but if not the address in english has also been known to arrive safely.

Once complete, kindly give us a shout here: to let us know you've participated and also which country you're from. We would also LOVE LOVE if you can scan a pic of your card and send to as we plan to make a little video of this project.

Thank you!
J_Girl & Justdancenow @ Soompi Joongbo Thread

First thing tomorrow I'll try to find the best postcard for my city! xDDD~

Let's all show our love for Joongbo~~! Every Joongboers participation would be greatly appreciated! :) Because remember.. Individually, we are one drop... Together, we are an ocean!



Anonymous said...

SH - I love your "Individually, we are one drop... Together, we are an ocean!" Yeah, let's flood them with our love through our postcards. Happy postcard hunting Joongboers. (I'm ako2 from Soompi)

Anonymous said...

SH - I love your "Individually, we are one drop... Together, we are an ocean!" Yeah, let's flood them with our love through our postcards. Happy postcard hunting Joongboers. (I'm ako2 from Soompi)

LvKprogram said...

Ssangchu first anniversary... my daughter and I folded over 600 paper cranes. Second anniversary... I'm going find the awesome postcard from D.C., Virginia and Maryland.


Anonymous said...

SH, let's get party in the ocean of Anniversary Cards :)

Anonymous said...

hi sh,

thanks for posting this info in your blog...I will definitely find a nice postcard here and send it right away.

is it ok to send for than one postcard?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

kyaaa!! im joining! thanks SH!

Anonymous said...



GaGa said...

Individually, we are one drop... Together, we are an ocean!

I love it!!!
Definitely Joining, I got 3 sets of Postcards already, don't know which set to send yet, practicing Hangul!! It's hard to make it look nice!!

aquaenigma said...

Aww, I've read this way too late. It's just recently that I become a follower and fan of Sshangchu Couple.

But still I do hope to participate in other future and upcoming project. This love team is was different from the usual love team that I've seen.

Making them both happy by just being together and laughing also makes me happy.

I really do hope there will be a comeback of Ssangchu Couple in WGM - I'm sure million of veiwers and followers would like to know that after all the time spend apart..Joonboo being a Little older now and been to a lot of courtries - will things be the same with HwangBu and vice versa?

Anonymous said...

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