Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heaven may be hidden in the clouds... but I see it every day, just by being with you.

Layout #4!!!! *w*~~~
The original theme was from Billion Studio,
and was edited/ssangchufied by me ^^

The theme is from a quote I saw..
"Heaven may be hidden in the clouds... but I see it every day, just by being with you. ~♥"

Isn't this art so beautiful??? T-T ♥
Thank you so much to Falling Uphill who drew my dream scene of Joongbo *w*
For a couple of days I was looking for an artist to commission.. I really want a new layout for their second anniversary *w*

I'm so happy ~~♥♥♥

Guys tell me if this layout doesn't work on your browsers okay?
I'll try to fix it :)



Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the new background~~ :D its SO cute ^_^

Anonymous said...

i have to say.. i love this new layout! great job thanks ^_^;;

Anonymous said...

the art is so pretty! love the new layout! can it be the "falling slowly" scene next time?

Ssangchu Heaven said...

b_ball; all credit goes to falling slowly for drawing the banner for us! x3~~

anonymous; thank you so much! glad you liked it!!~~

anonymous; i will tell the artist that hihi~ and thank you!

ohh falling slowly scene *w*~~~ yes yes yes! i will add that idea to my list!!!

=p said...

It really is a sweet banner...it almost reminds me of Park Bom's "you and i" video

Anonymous said...

sh...I love it...love it...it is so cool...GOOD JOB!!


Anonymous said...

ur new background is so cute!!!!!<3

Anonymous said...

so cute! I like :)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

=p; ohh! yes it does! when they were flying *w*~~

kranggo; hi! i think it's the first time i saw your username ^^

thank you!

anonymous; hihi thanks! i'll forward this to the artist *nod nods*

anonymous; glad you do!! :DDD~~~

Anonymous said...

Are you watching Down With Love right now? I hear the theme song! I love Jerry Yan!

(Btw, awesome layout! You have impeccable taste on colors and music!)


Anonymous said...

SH.. i love and like your new layout, one word to say "GREAT"... nice work so keep it up, remember we are always here for you..


Anonymous said...

Love the new layout! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

the new layout
is awesome, love it, love it....!!!

LvKprogram said...

Love new banner. EXCELLENT!

Anonymous said...

LOL,Ssangcho Heaven,

I love the new layer out. It is so sweet!


Anonymous said...

The art is so sweet... Love the new layout SH!

Khel said...

nice layout! loved the banner.. ^^
i just don't know why it took a seconds before the banner loads. anyway i love the nav menus.. :) its so cute.

Anonymous said...


am a lurker here almost everyday..i used to post comment but not so often..



lizhijia said...

love this background soooo much! i'm currently using it as my desktop background (hope you don't mind?)

i love this website... good job!!

thanks for sharing! :)

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

so LovinG the Layout!!
keke.... ^^'
to the world!!!

GaGa said...

Hi SH,
Very Nice Layout!!! This layout works better than the previous one for my browser too!

Have you got your postcards yet?!!
maybe you could make your own Postcard by pasting the cartoon Joongbo couple on your city?

Anonymous said...

I love...the new layout and background. Thank you and falling slowly.

~ pokomamy ~

Ssangchu Heaven said...

guys thank you so much for the compliments!!!! *w*~~ im so so happy you liked the new layout!

phuong; yes i am watching down with love right now lol! i LOVE JERRY YAN!!! T_T i wanna marry him too xD

leiron; kamsahamnida ^^~~

anonymous; thank you!~~ *w*~~

anonymous; so happy you do!~~

lvk; i will tell the artist that! *w*~~ it makes me want to order more art from her hehe~~ i have so many joonggbo scenes in mind lol!

khel; i dunno why too.. i think it's because it's sooo big lol! i'll try to save it on a hosting site that loads faster ^^

kranggo; ahhh! thank you so much for visiting the site!!~~ don't use the anonymous name or i wouldnt know it's u hihi~~~

lizhijia; oh you are? no i don't mind!~ you want the full version? i'll send it to you!

untouchable; thank you!! to the world!! woohoo!!

gaga; the past browser was kinda slow for me too.. lol! yes i did i sent them yesterday! but now that you said it, i should send this as a postcard as well xD~~~

pokamy; thank you so much!~~~

Anonymous said...

Is the layout changed to the new one already?
It doesnt work with my browser..huhu..
I just saw a plain pink background...^^"

Anonymous said...

love the new layout.. it reminds me of sunday mornings

Anonymous said...

I love the new layout, SH Good Job. ;)

HendyasDitra said...

Love it....
Nice Joob.....!!!!!
To the World.

EarthtoBella said...

Nice. Really nice. ;)
Is the artist on Deviantart?
I'd really like to see more of her/his art. Kkk :D
Thanks SH! :D

fang's hangout said...

ah, love the background, 101 %.

this blog gives me a lot of space to breath, while some threads choke each other with fruit salads of POV's about Joongbo, kekeke (don't hit me, peace!)

as most visitors say, SH...please keep this piece of heaven 'till eternity ^____^

you always make my day brighter, fighting!

--aeonflux-- a.k.a beifuyao

GaGa said...

O, SH, you are on "Down with Love" too!!!
That drama gave me a real laugh ever since I watched Ssangchu!!
Ella and Jerry did a great job. I can feel the chemistry in them! Especially with Jerry.

Needless to say, NOTHING top Ssangchu yet, maybe the one that top Ssangchu is the drama/ movie cast with Hye Jung and Hyun Joong!!

Happy April Fool Day Everyone!!

Anonymous said...

omg so freaking adorable...LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

love this art so much.. really beautiful.. can i have this for my desktop background? huhu~

anyway, i love your writing.. keep it until the end.. i'll always follow this blog to know about uri buin & shilang..


JoongBo jjang! said...

sweet backgroud!!! i can feel d loves u put in every single thing in this heaven! kamsahanmida! ^^
luv u SH!! keep it up! ^^

p/s:i second d falling slowly background idea!!!!! ^_~