Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hwangbo: Can't Believe Your Words (Lyrics)

Did you really leave? Will you ever come back?
Even now.. when I open my eyes I can only see you.
A sip of water... I can't even drink
Will you come back one more time and see me again?

I won't do the things you hate anymore
I will only sing the songs you like
I won’t ever try to insist my ways again
I will only make the your favorite dishes

Did you really abandon me?
Was our love meaningless?
I still cannot believe it..
All your words seem like lies...

When I look up to the sky, I see you
I drown myself in sorrow and cry tirelessly
Just lying down, calling out your name...
Please come back to me...

I open my eyes it feels as if you're just right there, beside me.


indira22 said...

do u know where i can find the korean lyrics???
thank u...