Thursday, May 14, 2009

Offshoot Photos - Inside Their Homes

First Home:





Second Home:


Vanessa said...

Which home belongs to who? (=

Anonymous said...

@second house..
Where all shillang guitar goes??
And aahhhh..the wedding book and paper craneee!!!

P.s: this pic is before their 'divorce' rite?? Wonder who got what (the wed pic, album,etc)..8D

Anonymous said...

I love their second home. though it's small, it's cozy and warm. the most important, many sweet and warmhearted memories were in that home.

the last pic ... miss them badly.

Nicky said...

I do hope shillang and hwang buin both took home the framed kissing photo ^__^

carral05 said...

The lamp in the last pic is hilarious! Love them.

Anonymous said...

OMG....i miss them a lot.
wonderin' r they still in contact each other now...?
never hear 'bout their time 2gether lately....
r they just let everythin' goes by like the wind...?'s too sad...!!

Mary Anne said...

are the Homes paid by the WGM production? or it is being paid by the couples?

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