Thursday, May 14, 2009

SS501 The Mission DVD

For those who didn't get a hand on the DVD along with the CD of "All My Love", I summarized the funny parts! Ayayay.. forgive me, I gave you the wrong information..

This is from "The Mission" DVD that was released the same day as the "All My Love" album, and it includes the offshoot videos taken from "SS501's The Mission" broadcasted on MNET Japan on their "Kokoro" album days. (Now I also cleared the confusion in my head.. *w*)

I'll put the full version on the next post. Sorry again!!~~~

Favorite Parts:

  1. Hyunjoong was playing rock paper scissors with Jungmin, but he kept on losing. For every time he loses, he has to piggy back Jungmin and carry him up the stairs.
  2. Hyunjoong was making weird faces on a restaurant because he didn't like what he ate.. I guess it was a dare??
  3. SS501 along with some of their staff were imitating a turkey (?) Hyunjoon & Hyunjoong were especially hilarious!
  4. They were supposed to compete in volleyball with an all girls volleyball team, but Hyunjoong stood behind the girls. The other SS501 members commented how he fit them because he looks like a girl with his hairstyle.
  5. After Hyunjoon punishes Hyunjoong by twisting the skin on his arm, Hyunjoong teases Hyunjoon on his constant stuttering.
  6. They were filming an action scene!! Hyunjoong was wearing camouflage pants and jacket, acting manly ^^. Youngsaeng holds a sword and pretends to be a ninja.
  7. Jungmin, Kyujong, Hyunjoon and Youngsaeng were at the top of the slide on a playground. Hyunjoong tries to go up by going in the slide but in the end he only slid downwards.
  8. While trying nerdy glasses, Kyujong looks cute, Jungmin does a very commercial pose, Hyunjoong acts like a genius and they all laughed when Youngseng tried it on.
  9. In the dance studio, Hyunjoong, Hyunjoon & Kyujong were doing a lot of weird dance moves instead of practicing xD
Here's some screencaps:



Anonymous said...

Hello These are not "All My Love".
Maybe from "The Mission"
That is TV program in Japan 2007.They are 13ep .
Sold in same day. ^^::

Ssangchu Heaven said...

OMG yes they are the mission! omg.. did i put all my love? ^^;;

let me change it quickly lol