Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hyunjoong Fancam + Joongbo Shirt Update

Just saw this fancam at ss601!! Check 2:04 +++
Towards the end you can see Hyunjoong looking back because the Joongbo shirt was thrown to his leg, he didn't actually catch it I guess, but he came forward, looked at the shirt and thanked the person that gave it to him!! kyaaaa!!!!~~~

Ahh he was holding to it the whole time! I really wish he'll wear it~~~!!!


Anonymous said...

i think the shirt was thrown @ him 2:45...when he was about leave the stage..it's a good thing he catch it, bull's eye! can you make a screen cap...coz in 2:04 it looks like a circle or something else...

Anonymous said...

yeah the shirt is the last thing he catches right before he goes off stage...

and the best part of it is that the shirt was still in its plastic wrap with the picture FULLY exposed...he didnt even have to unwrap it to see the pic of him and HB ^____^

to the world!!!

cati_21 said...

a clear video!
thanks dear!
good job Sharry and Friend!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; ohhhh... i see o.o i really thought it was on the middle part, coz there's a big pink part exposed

anonymous; HAHA LOL! yes the big pink part made em go crazy xDDD

cati; i thank ss601 for this feed haha..