Friday, May 29, 2009

Hwangbo & Hyunjoong On Come To Play


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english translation by snolaxy84@soompi
video from akjzheng02
encoded by cloudlyciel


sarangyo said...

i just love it how HJ looks at HB back then. he's giving his full attention. seems to me HB has caught his eye back then. and HB so sexy and classy, really a beautiful gal no wonder idols such as Yunho and Mickey , even Brian openly say their admiration for HB HJ should know it by then so maybe he really kept a low profile knowing HB really popular with the guys

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up for HB!!! SUCH A BEAUTY INSIDE AND OUT!!! If people only knew all the charity works you do, they will understand why God gifted you so much. You are 100% the type of lady that every mother would want their boys to marry. HJ must be lucky to have experienced glorious days with you, at least now his perspective about older women have changed.

Anonymous said...

Just love how hwangbo can make fun of herself, she's so endearing that's why she is well love, and i guess this is also what attracks guys to her...she's not the girly, cutesy hwangbo she's sooo cool

Anonymous said...

the episode is removed plz upload it again

Anonymous said...

is there any link to this video in youtube?? i really like to watch this...:)

Anonymous said...

Yes Please re upload! I really really really want to watch this! :)
Please and Thank you!!