Monday, May 18, 2009

Hwangbo In The Philippines Fanaccount [cati_21@soompi]

Here's the full fanaccount of cati_21 from soompi on Hwangbo's arrival in the Philippines! Thank you for sharing your story!

And also thank you to michsann, maritess59, eun-chan & cati_21 for having such a wonderful collection of photos I'm looking at now~~!!! (you guys have over 200!!! whoa!! AWESOME!!!)

More Fanaccounts/Photos on Hwangbo's Arrival:

were here in CEBU!
and YES it was a total success!
we were able to hug and kiss Hwangbo!
she's really so gorgeous in person! we were so happy coz we didint expect that we could come that close to her.....

the HAPPY and satisfied look on the faces of JOONGBOERS and Hwangbo's gorgeous face....... hahahahaha
the manager and MBC IG staff were very nice to give us a few minutes to talk to her and have our pictures taken!.....

here are some pics from marites59's camera.....

JOONGBO Shirts...... waaaaaaaaaaaah! the other half of HJ's shirt from the US is here! hahahaha..... the shirts almost gave Michsann a heart attack! we got them from the printers just hours before we fly to Cebu!

the Hwangbuin stalkers trying the shirts on! hahahahaha

Hwangbo with michsann, cati, marites and eunchan (who's holding the flower!) hehehehe

she was really touched and surprised to see us.... she is holding the gifts we gave her in that picture......
Yellow paper bag...... for Hwang bo
Green Paper bag...... for Hyun Joong
Framed Collage from st_stacrossed, lunatic and Cebu Soompiers!......

we gave all the IG flowers and pearl necklaces..... and we gave out Dried Mangoes, candied mangoes and polvoron
Song Eun nee was holding the paper bag with our gifts!.....

she was very accommodating in giving autographs to us..... and even asked us our names in ENGLISH!.......

we all shouted TO THE WORLD!...... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! and her reaction was really priceless!
she was really HAPPY to see us!

at first HB asked us to shout MOOHAN girls...... after that we talked in tagalog and agreed to ourselves to shout Segueyero!.... we counted 1,2,3 and shouted Segueyero.... and look at her reaction........

eun-chan is still dazed hahaha and cant find the words to express how she feels..... she said that she is still looking for her brains! hehehehe.......

michsann ..... is still speechless! hahahaha the funny thing was.... she was talking in her sleep last night!...... and guess who.... its Hwangbo! hahahahaha she was talking as if she was still following Hwangbo!.......


Anonymous said...


after receiving these gifts,
no doubt that hwang bo will think of her shillang a lot more!

also, there's another reason for hwang bo and hyun joong to meet again! ~hyun joong's gift~

smart tactics!!!

to the world!

Anonymous said...

yeah.. dont you just feel soooo proud to be a JoongBoer?? These girls are just amazing!

Thanks for posting Bubu!