Friday, May 29, 2009

SS501 To Hold A Fanmeeting In Hawaii


(I must say I feel very smart posting this pic since Hyunjoong's doing the shaka/hangloose sign heheh~)

Tomorrow (May 30) SS501 will visit Hawaii to continue their overseas activities! They will spend a week there (I still don't know which island but it would probably be Oahu) for another fanmeeting event and album promotions.

[How I wish I'm in Hawaii still.. I had my freshman year at James Campbell Highschool ;D]

Anyways, after Hawaii they'll be back in Korea on June 4th, then Thailand on May 8, then back to Korea again, then Hongkong & Taiwan in July, Japan on August 13, and then continue on with their Asia tour in September and October.

A very busy schedule, but to our friends in Hawaii!!! Throw Hyunjoong a Joongbo shirt again xDDD! AND FANCAMS!!! AND PICTURES! EVERYTHING! lol

I'm excited for you all! FIGHTING!


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? I WOULD SO BE THERE!
Thanks for the info! So excited!

How am I gonna sleep today? Oh gosh...

Ssangchu Heaven said...

No prob! ~~

You know for me, even if I'm not there, I get excited lol.. Like when Hwangbo was in the Philippines and then when Hyunjoong was in LA.. I COULDN'T SLEEP. I was really excited like, "when will the fancams come??!! *dies*"

bb said...

hehe, you mean in thailand on june 8, don't you? :p

Ssangchu Heaven said...

i had a message too that it's june 4th and not may 8, but then there are places that said june 4, may 8 and june 8! im so confused xD

Anonymous said...

I'm in Hawaii!! But I couldn't find any info on where/when is the fan meeting. Nothing on the internet about it at all! If anyone knows anymore info please email me so I can stalk them! hahaha...and throw a shirt at HJ again.

cati_21 said...

good luck on the stalking!
and YES... cant wait for the fancams and fan accounts! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know wehre the fanmeet is? PLEASE EMAIL ME XD My last chance is tomorrow, they leave on June 4th. Pls email me at