Sunday, May 10, 2009

Questions/Suggestions Etc Link

Requests take longer to be done, and I see there are questions/suggestions etc. that needs faster replying time to do, so I'm doing separate requests and questions link so I can finish them faster xD

Questions/Suggestions etc. go here ^^


Cindy said...


I think this belongs here! I just wanted to thank you so much for uploading Mates album, they are amazing. I haven't had a chance to take a look at the drummer, but since you said he was so good looking I"m gonna go search out a pic! Thanks again! Your site rocks, love the SsangChu updates and all the music.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

You're welcome!!

Oh LOL you can check out his cyworld:

He doesn't look full Korean right? o.o He reminds em of an elf... xD

and and and thank you so much! ^^

Cindy said...

It wouldn't let me onto his cyworld. Looks like its down. I did catch another pic and I would def say he isn't full Korean! I can't stop listening to them, I would love to see them live!


melli said...

Hi, can i know how to turn off the background music in this site. I was trying to watch the online vids here and keep distracted by the bckgrd music

Ssangchu Heaven said...

cindy; he has that western look definitely...

ahh me too.. i listen to their songs when my sister's driving.. (i don't know how to drive, but i get all the control on what we should listen to) xD

melli; ohh! you just ahve to click the pause botton at the bottom of the circle player thingy ^^

Anonymous said...

There is a problem with ep 30 part 2..there is nothing in the is the part 2 spoil?

Ssangchu Heaven said...

The video is playing fine on my computer, you can try refreshing it and play it again ^^

Anonymous said...

I think this is where I can put this comment!

I just want to thank you for all the effort you do in updating us about Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo! I check your blog everyday to know what's up with both of them lmao I'm addicted to both of them!

I'm also addicted to your playlist. Even though I don't understand what the song means, I listen to it at work for hours and hours. I saw you changed it to english songs, and guess what? I didn't do my job today, but downloaded the songs since I know the lyrics and I can look it up on google. You have great taste in music girl!

Keep up the good work and God Bless!

- Bethany

Khel said...

anyeong! i come to your site often, mind if i ask for some favor? is it ok if i will add you to Hwang Bo Hye Jung Int'l & Joongbo Addicts affiliates links?

and i hope its not too much to ask if you can also add the int'l forum of hwangbo to your links section.. please please? we're promoting the site.. since many joongboers are come to visit your site, this will also help to promote the forums..

here's the links:


kamsamida! thank you so much in advance!

much love

Ssangchu Heaven said...

bethany; ohhhh.. thank you T__T you guys are really sweet...

and LOL! hopefully you didn't get caught at your job xD im glad you like the songs!!! and if you ahve some recommendations, feel free to tell me ^.~

god bless, and tc too!

khely; I WILL ADD THEM RIGHT THIS SECOND!!!! i love forums!!!

Lots and lots of fun o.o!!~~~

and yes (^w^)// you can add me on the affiliates link! thank you so much!!!

Khel said...

THANK YOU SO MUCCCCHHHH! hugs hugs! ;D this will help a lot! komawo Ssangchu Heaven!

Anonymous said...

hi! i want to ask where can we purchase the keychain from hyunjoong's phone? :p

Anonymous said...

hello!i was just looking at the sidebar and i think Hwangbo's birth year is 1980?no offence, hope you don mind~.nonetheless, i just want to thank you for sharing updates and those good music!^^

Ssangchu Heaven said...

khel; *hugs back* no problem!~~

anonymous; if you go to ss501's official homepage, there's a store there and it's called the 'triple s pea keychain" ^^ I believe it's about $10.00

anonymous; ohh! i didn;t notice that at all! let me change it o.o!!

and you're welcome, thank you for visiting the blog!

tummeng said...

Love this site, Fighting!!
Thanksssssssss ^^

Ssangchu Heaven said...

tummeng; FIGHTING!!! and you're welcome.. *insert hearts here*

thank you for stopping by!~

kristine said...

hi hi i have a tiny bit of suggestion nyehe,,,, on the sidebar can u put a cbox?

a lot of people come here and it sounds fun to communic8 wit every1 & & & so it's easier to talk to u 8]

rusheil said...

i was just wondering...
ahm.. where can i get a copy of WGM in dvd??(joongbo eps only)

Anonymous said...

Hello fellow Hwangboers! I love this site so much! I come here everyday to keep updated! Anyway, I have a favor to ask, if anyone can translate this video so we can fully understand what were Hyun Joong saying. It was only translated when HJ was asked if he loves Hwangbo or Triple fans. So please translate for us! Thank you so much!! Angie here from Toronto, Canada!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

kristine; ahh a cbox o.o
Okay I'll try to find where I can get one ^^

rushell; there are no released DVDs of wgm I think ^^;

anonymous; Oh I remember this clip!

The host asked Hyunjoong if he had to choose who he likes more, would it be Hwangbo or Triple S?

Hyunjoong replied, "I like Hwangbo, Hwang Buin. I also love Triple S."

Basically even if it's the SS501 fanmeeting, he still went with Hwangbo's side while making his fans happy. xD

Very smart Shillang ;)

Anonymous said...

Question: there's a song on your blog soundtrack (the round circle above the archive box) that has an upbeat tune I really like that shows a title of "I Miss You" but it is not Bogoshipda and I can't find another "I Miss You" on your song list. Can you let me know who is this male artist and if that's the right song title? Thanks so much!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Ahh the title really is "I Miss You/니가 그립다" but that one is by Yoo Seung Chan ^^

Hope this helped!~~

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to let you know that i am totally hooked on to your blog. its a wonderful site. i am a huge joongbo fan... (huge ssangchu heaven site fan). you have the best music, video and updates on both hb and hj. i've been logging in since April... i just wanted to thank you it....please keep it coming. you make my morning! ~kitkat

Anonymous said...

I like the songs, the music this site is playing. It would be good if the both the names of song and singer and some very brief description (if the song is related to HJ and HB) would be shown in the circle music player. I am not sure if it works or it will take a lot of work. Just a suggestion. You have already done a really great job. If cannot, it is already good enough.

Really ... you have done more than I expect.

Anonymous said...


Do you remember a part in one of the episodes of joongbo where Hwangbo said that she was expecting some weird comment from Hyun Joong? It was either Hwang Bo said something, worn something, or did something, and Hyun Joong said something about it. Hwang Bo knew that there would be a back-up comment from Hyun Joong, and she was right.

I really can't remember what they talked about and what episode it was. Actually, I was thinking that maybe I just read it from a fanfic and I just pictured that scene. I need help! My mind won't leave me at peace unless I found the answer..please help me..

BTW, thank you for your WONDERFUL site! I LOVE IT..

kike said...

what song is it when they wet to the beach at night after hwng bo's concert? i think it is episode 27..
hope you'll answer..
and by the way i like your website

century_egg said...


just want to ask what program you used to trim the joongbo clips?


Kelly said...

Do you know what is the url/cyworld of Hyunjoong?
:D Thanks a lot!

natalieeee said...

i think your website is just great, even after all this time.
i was just wondering
if there was any new news
on hwang bo.
i never hear about her anymore ..
any shows she's been on lately?
hyun joong has DEFINATELY
made it big now, but it seems as
though he doesn't have alot time
to spend with his wife
if you find out that they have a
reunion or something like that,
please post it

Ssangchu Heaven said...

kitkat; aww~~ thank you so much!!!! and since april??? whoa!! thank you!!! im glad you liek the site ^^

anonymous; most of the time i have a hard time on the player too, since most of the songs in there are newly released and even unreleased, the names of the artists are in korean, and it doesn't show ^^;;;

anonymous; lol! i just got confused for a second there... what scene was it? the closest i can think of was when they were fighting about the vacuum cleaner, hyunjoong said robots are smarter, but hwangbo was like "but humans made robots" then hyunjoong replied, "but humans are monkeys" xD

century_egg; i use either adobe premiere, windowns movie maker or vdmod ^^

kike; i believe it's can't have it all by jay brannan ^^

kelly; hyunjoong doesn't have a cyword unfortunately, but if you go to the official ss501 website, he writes diary entries there :)

natalieeeee; thank you so much~~

It is true that there are more news on hyunjoong than hwangbo since he is an idol..

they're both busy too ^^;;

hwangbo is doing the weekly infinity girls and participating on compassion, while hyunjoong is currrently busy with ss501 activities.. i really hope they will have a reunion show, since i heard junjin and lee si young might be back on we got married *w*

century_egg said...

thanks for the reply! much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

First off, I visit your site multiple times a day and really appreciate the amount of time you put into it. Thanks for all of your hard work. I receive much enjoyment from the site. My first questions is what is the direct e-mail address to your site? My computer does not have Outlook and I am not able to e-mail the link you have because of this. Secondly, is there a way to find out who the man is in the photo with Hwangbo in Hanbok? Hoping this was a photo shoot only but with the face blanked out it makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

hellos. (: ii wanted to ask how's ur blogskin done? ^^ cause ii've been thinking of doing a blogskin like this, with the profile on the left side, & the top with clicking links! thanks. ^^

Anonymous said...

dear, ssangchu heaven
I can not see video "HJ smiling at joongbo poster at taiwan" because tudou video can not be seen at Japan. Can you put it again on youtube or daily motion? please... thxb4 :)

rachel said...

thank you so much for maintaining this site. i check it out several times a day for joongbo updates. keep up the great work and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

hey, may i know who sang the song 'i'm sorry i love you'? thanks for the site. (:

Anonymous said...

hello, i just want a dvd copy of WGM badly...
pls help me...
i have a youtube downloader, so i can download vids of joong bo wgm there, but it takes too much time and memory...
so.... pls help me.....
where and how can i download wgm joongbo eps with eng subs????
and how to put it in a dvd???
thanks so much!!

SplendidVenus said...

Hi how are you??, well I Love this site is so cool, and I love ssangchu couple too!!!, so, I want to share links with you if you want my site is so, see it and leave me a comment with your answer thanks!!

liliy said...


just have i question to ask..
do you know the title of english song played at their last episode?
it plays after the song "i belive" and right after HJ said HB shoud't come to jeju for her real honeymoon,
please...just let me know the title & the singer if u dont have time to search for the song,


Liezhelle said...


I think my comment on the previos page belongs here.. hehe..
anyway, I think there is missing on your last episode... I was looking for the "Im the star" scene, but when I hit on the S30-1 link, they were already in the mountain... 2nd link is the morning of the hiking, lastly is the message for each other...

i also checked episode 29, the last link there is they were running in the beach... i believe what I'm looking for is after the episode 29 and before episode 30 on your links provided.

Please correct me if im wrong, you could post the link here anyway.. :)

Thanks a lot!

-Liezhelle (PH)

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I just noticed that Hwangbo changed her miniroom pic on her Cyworld. Skeleton Boy isn't there anymore. :( BUT, it's raining and I can't help but think back to their Ssangchu Olympics!!

Anyway, just thought to pass it on. Thanks again for this awesome site!

leslie16 said...

i was just wonder if you could translate this little part in idol world where hwangbo is on.

it starts a 2:56

im not korean but i think they comment of how she just got married [hyungjoong] and then a bit later one of the ft island members asks if he likes her?? and she says she doesnt know??? it was during their we got married days

leslie16 said...

actually i think they ask if she likes him not the other way around, and she says 'i dont even know'?? please help

GaGa said...

Hi Ssangchu Heaven,
I'm not sure if I should post here? I want to ask if you know the date of Joongbo's WGM filming? Could you please let me know? Thank you.

joongaddct said...

First of all, i want to thank you for creating this site. It's way coooler than most. since seeing joong n bof i've literally been addicted to watching everthing about him evn the ones that doesnt have subtitles. just love watching him even if i cant understand a word he's saying since im not korean. when not @ work, i just watch him amost non-stop on my Pc till dawn.(kinda pathetic, dnt you think)? But i just adore him!!!

Do you by any chance know who he is dating right now or who his past girlfriends are?

when i was watching some of the early WGM episodes in youtube , i read in one of the coments that he is rumored to be dating someone named Rain. I thnk it was even (subtly hinted) in one of their episodes in their firsthouse duringtheir preparation for housewarming. i googled it and searched in youtube but it eems to be a man. does this mean he's Gay. I'm sure there's a mistake somewhere so please enlighten me. Thank you.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

sorry for the late update!! but ehre are the answers!!~ here

Anonymous said...

hi, just like 2 know the artist to the song on ur playlist, called "THE ROAD TO YOU" tnx very much

Gerri said...

hi, would you know when are the dayes for the SS501 concert in hongkong? i would really love to go and watch.

gogirl14 said...

Are they really married?

Wicked Quest said...


Are you Korean or a Filipino?

Anyway, I find that your video download links are from megaupload and so you know that parallel downloading is not supported there for free. So why not seeding them in torrent instead? There are a lot of girls visiting this site everyday, Im sure they are downloading the videos too, but it would take us too long... A lot of people know this site already, and Im sure they are willing to seed, so am I. :) well at least we have an option, either DL the vids from a server or from a torrent. Hehe

I wanted to download the vids as a gift for my friend coz we both love JoongBo.

I hope you will consider this request. Thanks very much! Keep up the good site! :) muah!

Liezhelle (PH)

Shan said...


may i know where can i get the song: a love story as beautiful as a movie from your background song?

I cant find it under your backgrd songlist!

Hope to hear from you soon!

shan said...

and to add on...where can i also get the song: Lies?

thanks alot!!! =D

kimhye1606 said...

hello....just want to ask who is the singer on the song RAIN that posted in your playlist the one that using in the background of joongbo 100th anniversary. tnx

Anonymous said...

excuse me , may i know if i can downloads the music video and the video of joongbo epi of WGM ? is it free or do we need to pay money for it? pls reply as soon as possible. thank you very much . appreciated. you may reply me at the name of : AOY(1)

ang hui fen said...

the samsung magic hole CFs! :)

Pruepieces said...

Hi ! I love your web very much ! I felt very happy after watching WGM finding this treasure ! I was very sad actually after watching WGM but you made me back very happy ! I really hope you keep on going !!And your taste for music is sooo good !!!

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure about this news but...
It was reported that Hwang Bo had been in a car accident early this morning on 15th September. Although the car was severely smashed up after the accident, Hwang Bo, her manager and stylist all escaped unhurt.

According to her management, Hwang Bo had been rushing to the filming site for MBC's Nodaji at around 2.30am when the accident happened. Due to heavy fog, Hwang Bo's manager who was at the wheels, veered the vehicle off the road and crashed into the guardrail.

The car was severely smashed up after the accident and Hwang Bo called up Jo Hye Ryun who was also the MC for Nodaji to pick her up for filming. For precaution sake, Hwang Bo, her manager and stylist will be heading over to Seoul National University Hospital this afternoon for a thorough body check-up after the filming of Nodaji.

Anonymous said...

i've read the news that Hyun Joong is not at Jeju but rests at home. and that's just a juicy story(((

carole said...

hi just want to share this beautiful video we found in you tube.

here's the link:

Credit to CottonTam for the creation & nh04 from Soompi Joongbo.


KiTTe said...

Update on Hwangbo

Chelsea said...

Hi there! I really really love your blog, keep up the good job! (:
Yup, I wanna ask you regarding the ssangchu episodes that you link on the right side of the blog? Were they uploaded by you? I was wondering if they were, if you could put them up on youtube as well? Cuz I'd really love love to download them but I have difficulties doing so, sometimes I manage to using LEAWO YOUTUBE DOWNLOADER, but the quality is very poor. It'd be easier if it's on youtube so yup. Or do you have a better solution to downloading from dailymotion?

KiTTe said...

Updates:On KHJ

Anonymous said...

just looked through old pictures of Joongbo and found one from December 29 2008 when they recieved best couple award
and guess what I saw! - the very black ring on Hwang Bo's finger
how to understand it - was it all the time her?????

Anonymous said...

the attention's been on HJ and the ss501 comeback, but no news about Hwang Buin lately. what's she been up to these days? since nodaji was cancelled is she just focusing infinity girls and music? i miss hearing news about her too.

Anonymous said...

What's the title playing with the artist 4men?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just want to say your site is really cool! I love visiting here! Btw, I am just curious, the photos of Hwangbo in wedding gown- is it just a pictorial or did she get married for real? She is stunning nowadays!!!

Anonymous said...

just out of curiosity...did anybody kept count of the number of times Hyunjoong said "i love you" in all WGM episodes...and also "yeobo" to Hwangbo?

i hope somebody will :D



Anonymous said...

hello. i was wondering... are there any videos of the joongbo couples' behind the scenes or ng's? i was really looking very hard for it, but i never came across one. if there is, can you please tell me the link? thanks so much. :D

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