Monday, May 25, 2009

Request Heads Up

Hi guys!

I'm gonna finish up the requests and gather up all the "lost requests and questions" on the other blog posts since I have practically nothing planned tomorrow. My poor life.. lol (I want to do something before I lose my mind not doing anything!)

Background music-wise, I might forget a few songs on the playlist... o.o;; BUT like last time, to guarantee that it's added just give me a reminder on the request section.. or put it in this post since I'm going through all the posts anyways xDDD

Btw, here are the right links for requests/questions/suggestions etc.
Hope you all are having a fun vacay! ;D ♥


Anonymous said...

I think I did the lost requests. keke

I really like so sick, if you pretend, stand by u, my heaven and love disease please upload them ty ty ty ty

i also got a ques where can i get the pea key chain?

Anonymous said...

can u plz upload come to play with we got married cast? arigatou!

Anonymous said...

is there any way i can dl only joongbo cuts? like the ones you have on your sidebar. the ones you put up for dl is the full WGM episodes. thanks~!