Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hehe this is the hat and couple rings Joongboers are talking about :)
Hwangbuin fan-taken pictures in Thailand by Teddy

Hyunjoong :)

Other noted couple accessories they wore were:
*gold watch
*couple tees
*couple hoodies
*skull accessories
*star accessories
*lv necklace
*a lot more hahahaha! there should be a log of it now that i think about it. xD


archi said...

hoho! i love to see those couple items~ i really hope they reconcile their love~! Segyero! xD/

Anonymous said...

I believe~~~ thank you so much for the update! :DDD

Anonymous said...

Hwangbo is looking awesomely beautiful at her fan meet in Thailand. From what I seen of the fancams, although it was after midnight, there were many who greeted her at the airport. Certainly wish I wasn't on the other side of the world, I definitely would have been there, screaming and crying alongside everyone else from excitement of her presence. Way to go FANS of our ANGEL and JOONGBOERS.

Hwangbo fighting.....

Ssangchu Heaven said...

totally cheering for the fans that went!!! i'm sure she was very grateful for that kind of welcome *w*~~