Friday, September 3, 2010

[Photos] Hyunjoong Spam Part 2

You guys probably heard that the first 2 episodes of M.Kiss didn't fare too well ratings-wise.. One thing is Baker King has been on for a much longer time thus they have more loyal viewers. The rating last episode was 45% and Gumiho had 12%. Kiss on the other hand had 3% ^^;; I really hope it would pick up soon! Once BK wraps up maybe we'll see an even playing field for the newly airing dramas :)

I haven't watched the first two episodes yet though, but I really hope HJ's acting improved.. I love him but his acting on BOF lacked his usual charisma, you know what I mean?


Anonymous said...

Hey. this is a pretty cool site you have here. i'm glad to see that there are still khj/hwangbo fans out there. :)

Where are these stills from? A wedding?