Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ssangchu Heaven's Guide To Watching Dramas With Subtitles :)

There are many fansubbing groups out there and most of them prohibit uploading hardsubbed videos of their subs, BUT they allow downloads of these subtitle files for personal viewing. As many opt to watch the videos on sites like youtube, viiki etc because it's the easiest way, I would like to tell you right now the wonders of HQ video files hahaha! It's very easy! [And there is also the issue of many users viewing the same file as you (viikii) or videos getting deleted before you get to watch it (youtube) xD]

I am a fan of Japanese movies also, so I wanna share with you some tips and tricks of a drama/movie fan :)

I apologize as these are very rough instructions right now, but just feel free to ask if you happen to stumble upon errors and whatnot xD

  • Having Orbit Downloader is very useful. Why? If you're downloading from say, Megaupload, they do not allow you to download multiple files at the same time. However OD can let you bypass this :) And there is no download limit also *evil laughs*
  • But if you only need to watch an episode at a time, downloading normally is perfectly fine ^^
  • I have Windows 7 so I didn't need to use a special player. Windows Media Player Classic is mostly used, also you can use WM of your own but you gotta install a bunch of codecs if ever you do not hear or see the video. I personally recommend installing VLC. This player does everything for you without the need to installing codec packs! :D
  • Direct Vobsub is used to view subtitles in your raw videos. Install the file on your computer and you should be ready to view nice subtitles!!! Just make sure the video file (mostly on .avi) and your subtitle file (mostly .srt, .ass, .sub files) are in the same folder. Also make sure they have the same names!
If you haven't watched Playful Kiss Episode 1 yet, and wish to see it in high quality, try these links:

Subtitle File:

**These two files have different file names so you have to rename them.
Ex: PK1. avi and PK1.ass (and remember they have to be in the same folder okie?)

That's it! Hopefully it works hehe~


charmed said...

hi ssangchu, what can i say?! you just don't give us joongbo updates; now, even a lesson on downloading raw files and subtitles! you're the best! - charmed

ps. hope things are going smoothly with your studies. :)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

haha! i sure hope it was helpful.. you know when i type my thoughts kinda jumble together and i end up not knowing what i'm trying to say xDDD

and thank you :) i'm doing okay.. im glad i found tutors *ahem ahem* xDDD~

chelsea said...

heyyy! thanks so much for this tutorial teehee (: For the player I might recommend KM player too, it will automatically show the subtitles as long as they are in the same file and of the same name as the video file! It was the solution to viewing hd videos in .avi format downloaded from youtube as well.
I was wondering if you'd have any solutions to downloading videos from viikii with subtitles? IM REALLY LOVING PLAYFUL KISS plus the quality of the one put up on viikii is really good! thankssss (:


chelsea said...

ohhh dear I'm having the same old problems with megaupload again. it keeps telling me download limit exceeded when I haven't even downloaded anything! do you know if the files might be up for downloading some where else like on mediafire or something? thanks! (:

i'm so sorry for spamming ):

Anonymous said...

SH, you're an angel!!! thanks for the tips!! more power to your studies & your "tutors" ;D

Anonymous said...

hello! do you know where I can find soft subs for download? i know where i can download the raw files... thanks

archi said...

woah! SH! where did you get the eng subs from? the translation is good. i've been waiting for haru2sub to do the subbing but no files have been released. so till now, i can just blankly stare at the videos examining HJ's acting (& admiring his face)! XD
do you have the subs for eps 2-4?

Squishiee said...

omg where did you get the playful kiss subs from
please give me the link to the site :O

Squishiee said...

go to this site
they sub really fast, like seriously they sub it in two days or less!
its on softsub youtube and they have hardsubs for dl too!

archi said...

hi squishiee! thx for the link. i've tried to visit those website before. but i don't really understand where to find/how to DL the softsub files.. because i've the raw videos already. could you please explain it to me? thx dear ^ ^

Anonymous said...

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Squishiee said...

sorry but they don't post soft subs for dl
however they do have the HD hardsubs to dl
i don't mean that you have to dl them
like you i am waiting for haru2subS to sub the show. But in the mean time you can watch the drama from that site cos they sub real fast :)

Anonymous said...

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archi said...

oh, i don't reallyy like watching serials from streaming sites. for me, it reduces the hype & the enjoyment. haha.
but no problem, yellowcinema released the 2nd episode eng sub! yohoo! :D/

btw, SH, could you please explain to me how to use orbit downloader to download files from MU? i searched for the tutorial but only found the one for MU premium user. i never use orbit before; been the fans of torrent links. but recently the down speed for torrents i am downloading is veerryy low, it drives me crazy. and i guess i want to give Orbit a try..
so please SH, or anyone, answer my question.. love you forever! ^ ^

Anonymous said...

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