Sunday, September 19, 2010

[Photos] KHJ Spain Photoshoot

I love this pic... seriously...
So I will keep it as large as it is haha!!

Joongie is now sporting a perm on the recent episode of Playful Kiss like my Changmin!!!! :o

How can you do this to me HJ???
You're trying to make me remember Changmin when I want to study!!!!



Ly said...

wow!! SH me too like to Changmin and specially Know- YUNHO . I love to DBSK!!

this photo he looked so hot!!

Anonymous said...

SH - shame on you, kekeke......posting a photo of Changmin for us all to drool.....But I'll let you go on drooling......I'm a Yunho and Mickey lover (Mustn't forget KHJ) 3(?) I'm selfish, haha. Speaking of Mickey, have you seen how handsome he is in his drama, in traditional cloth even (yummy). Acting comes natural to him in that drama.

archi said...

aww~ changminniee~ and joongiee~ and jaejoongiee~~! come to unni~~ #drools

Ssangchu Heaven said...

ly; omg you should see his performance!! he was going crazy on the stage lol

anonymous; oh yes!! i am currently on episode 3 haha! i want to watch it live but i don't really have the time to, good thing i can get the raws online o.o~~

i really like the way micky acts!! he's improving so much on each episode!! like on episode 1 i'm just like okay.. but then on epsiode 3, he's really showing his skills!! im also watching his beetv drama right now xDDD

archi; hahaha! you're like summoning all the men in one comment! is that possible?? (and btw, unni is for younger girl to older girl, nuna is for young guy to older girl :)

gayu said...

Hi dear, i would like to ask how did you save your photos from keyeast itself? haha i cant seem to right click and save the files. thank you so much and i love your blog(:

thank you!! you can reply me here or at